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Snatch And Pull

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Snatch (95/65)

Post Loads and Time To Comments 
This WOD should be completed RX’d in 8-10 minutes.  Loads and pullups should be scaled accordingly to allow you to finish within this time frame and maximize power output.

– Have you had any injuries since you’ve begun CrossFitting? 

– Are you a newer (3 months or less) athlete and worried you’ve bitten off more than you thought you could? 

– Veterans, what injury pitfalls have you experienced since starting CrossFit and, looking back, what could you have done differently to avoid them? 

Post answers to comments.  

July 6, 2009
July 7, 2009
July 8, 2009

Lucklily, we have a concrete floor

  1. Shane F Reply
    Up to 3x 125# on the snatch. For the WOD I scaled down to 75# and did full squat snatches. 12:30.
  2. Dave P Reply
    For the injury question, I've hurt my back and shoulder multiple times since starting CrossFit back in Jan 2009. The back injuries were caused by poor form doing deadlifts and by carrying a heavy KB with only one hand. My advice to new people is to ramp up your deadlift weight slowly and build up your confidence/form before you push yourself. Whenever you are walking across a room with a heavy KB, pick it up and carry it with both hands so the weight is centered. The shoulder injuries were caused by pushing myself too much doing presses and because I think my shoulder stabilizer muscles are weak. That is why you always see me doing various shoulder exercises during my warmups.
  3. Jessica Reply
    I entered Crossfit pre-injured (broken collarbone) and am thankful for it, since it has obliged me to take it easy, esp. on overhead lifts. But no new injuries...yet...came closer than ever with Monday's WOD (squat ladder) when I felt my back verging towards the all-too-familiar muscle spasm -- thanks to the previous day's heavy deadlifting -- and stopped only because I have to drive 5 hours this Thursday and knew it would be hell if my back was still tweaking out.

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