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So You Wanna Compete In The CF Games?

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For Time: 
15 Squat Cleans (135/95)
30 Toes To Bar 
30 Box Jumps
15 Muscle Ups (sub muscle ups from the ground)
30 DB Push Presses (35/22)
30 Double Unders (sub tuck jumps)
15 Barbell Thrusters (95/65)
30 Pullups
30 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25)
The goal is to finish this WOD in under 30 minutes.  Loads and movements should be scaled to allow you to finish in this timeframe to maximize power output.

Post Loads, Scaling Used, and Time Comments  

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**Survey Question Of The Day**
Where do you think you are weakest in the 10 General Physical Skills?  Post answers to comments. 

Today’s WOD performed at the CrossFit Games!
Chipper Heat 1

  1. Bill Reply
    Nice. That's a wod.
  2. Allison B Reply
    WOW! That's a HELL of a WOD. Tomorrow is my running day, but I kinda want to do that one (in that sick twisted way). My weakest fitness skill is definitely stamina. Any ideas to improve would be GREATLY appreciated.
  3. Basil Reply
    Allison, completing this WOD will probably help your stamina. Curious to see how this WOD plays out, 30 min of pain.
  4. Sarah D Reply
    I reserve the right to comment extensively on this WOD. First, F this WOD! That's first. Second, it looks bad, and it is. I just want to put something out there (just because I paid my damn dues on this thing, not because I am trying to discourage)... The squat clean weight is 100/155, possibly even 105/155. This will make you want to die right from the start. Women's Rx is 25lb dumbells for push presses. Do the full range of motion, too. Squat cleans below parallel (but really... below parallel). Extend hips fully on the box jumps. Both toes have to touch the bar on the toe-to-bars, or it won't count. Elbows have to fully straighten at the bottom of the muscle up each time, and if you don't fully lock out at the top you have to start over. Believe me, this will change your muscle ups. All other full ROM specifics apply. Oh, and if you really want to re-create this thing, do 100 overhead walking lunges instead of 30, for a total of about 300 feet. Why do I care? Because I did this damned thing while delirious after too many other WODs, I am happy to refer to this WOD in the past tense. Mostly, though, I learned that there is a great difference between a half range movement and a full range movement. I recall my judge taking away any rep that was not legit. It makes a difference! The difference is the toll it takes on you to do full range of motion and the quality of your movements. Even if you are modifying parts of the WOD, do those modifications to full range. It takes WAY more time, energy, and control to do a full squat once than 3 half squats. It better for you in the long run, and it is a higher quality movement overall. And then your judge won't take away any reps ;) Thats's my 2 cents. And tomorrow is my rest day. Yes!
  5. Matt H Reply
    This just looks it
  6. mandy j. Reply
    shit on glad its my day off! weakest skills are definitely speed and endurance.
  7. lindsay hill Reply
    sarah dunsmore you are a beast amongst beasts... my scaled version of this workout which thankfully did not include the burpees from the games took me 27:01...i think it actually clicked today for figuring out how to scale when i was winded on the squat cleans which were scaled down...have fun with this one.
  8. Naomi Reply
    I need to actually show up and then all the weak areas will improve. I suck at everything. I'm on the way back to CF - I miss you all.
  9. Lori F Reply
    My legs are still feeling the after affects of Monday and Tuesday so I am R*E*S*T*I*N*G today! I go with Mandy on speed and endurance... but honestly, I need to work on it ALL!
  10. Landy Reply
    are you serious with this beast? guess I have no choice but to try it now that i've commented... my weakness would be flexibility - suck suck suck here. and i guess strength - I'm working on it, but I just don't care about it as much (I know, a collective gasp just filled the air). I think I'm strong enough - but I know I could be stronger.
  11. Louis Reply
    kind of glad im out of town for this one.
  12. Jack W. Reply
    Sarah, Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the thruster weight 135/95?
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Great job to everyone at 8:30 and 11:30 today! Bill, thanks for the feedback! good stuff
  13. Sarah D Reply
    Jack, You are right. The thruster weight was 95/135 indeed. How could I have forgotten about that one? I think we decided that was the 2nd or 3rd crappiest part of this WOD. Squat cleans and muscle ups come in 1st.
  14. Matt H Reply
    My weakest general skill would be coordination. Anyone who knows me well, can attest to that. I won't go into details but I've been known to walk into walls and trip on things that aren't there. Its kind of funny after training in martial arts for 17 years I can spin and kick someone in the head but I can't catch a ball to save my life. This wod was interesting, certainly one I would like to come back to a few months from squat cleans were awful....left wrist is still really sore and my form just plain sucks. Can't do double unders so I had to do tuck jumps (coordination thing)and muscle ups are my new number one on things to figure out, especially after the "nasty girls" wod, so i had to do them from the ground. The rest was as rx'd for thrusters, push press and lunges 14.34? give or take a second or two certainly want to come back to this one a few months from now
  15. Allison B Reply
    Matt H, don't feel bad. I was a gymnast for 19 years, and I am one of the clumsiest people I know. We used to say that we used up all of our grace and coordination in the gym... I swear, I'm better on my hands than on my feet.
  16. Matt H Reply
    hahahahaha.....Ive learned to live with my lack of coordination....its good for a few laughs, like the time I ran into one of those big yellow metal posts on one of the local trails crotch first....maybe i should pay attention more too....
  17. becky Reply
    really like this wod - definitely lots of room for improvement, too. took a few too many breaks and breathers - had a hard time stringing together things like toes to bar but also needed to toughen up mentally a bit. scaled by subbing 85 pound cleans and muscle ups from the ground (which were still super tiring! can't imagine what it's like rx). everything else rx - very glad the thrusters weren't "heavy" (they still didn't feel "light" at 65). finished ~20:30 with bill pushing me through those last lunges! As for worst areas, would say strength and speed. I feel decently strong for my size but would like to improve. Speed is just a struggle - strongly prefer the long, grindy workouts but I think that pacing too much sometimes leaves too much left in the tank at the end.
  18. kelli mc Reply
    i'm with landy on this one - flexibility. it's my own fault. 'stretching' for me usually refers to passing the pvc over my head a few times when i first get to the gym. i definitely need to work on this.
  19. john hill Reply
    i second sarah's "F" this wod. lets not even talk about how much worse it had to have been at the games after so many wods/ heavier weight/YAY burpees. on to my half hour of fun. i did the wod in 30:24 as with 135lbs for both squat cleans and thrusters. my most unfavorite parts were the thrusters and muscle ups. im w matt and would love to see progress on this one in a few months.
  20. Murphie Reply
    Thanks, Dave! Great to be back!!
  21. Charlie Reply
    Maybe because the thing looked so daunting, I had the pleasure of getting a one on one class with Dave at 8:30. It was the first time I'd tried a muscle up, so needless to say, I did them starting with my feet on the floor. The work out was brutal despite the fact that I didn't do the men's RX for any of the weights (95 for cleans, 27.5s for push press, 75 for thrusters, and 35lb plates for lunges) and used a few other cheats (like band assisted pull-ups). 20:04. Honestly, I'm not sure I could have even gotten through it had I sized up.
  22. Kandace Reply
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