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Solid Landings

Volunteers still needed for the Carolina Fitness Challenge on Saturday!
Sign up sheets are on the whiteboard at the gym!

Volunteer Meeting Wednesday Night at 7pm!

WOD for Monday 120610 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Back Squat 

warmup, then 3 sets of 5 reps as heavy as possible
3 Rounds For Time:
25 Box Jumps (24/20)
25 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/35)

Post Back Squat Loads and Metcon Time to Comments
For the strength segment, warmup and then do 3 sets of 5 reps as heavy as possible.  Use good sense and judgement for all lifts.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.  Be sure to squat below parallel….hip crease below top of patella.

For the Metcon, you must land your entire foot on the top of the box for each Box Jump before jumping or stepping off. 

ENDURANCE WOD tonight at 6pm!
Run or Row
3 Rounds of:
15seconds on 15 seconds off for 5min
Rest 3 min

Upcoming Events
Carolina Fitness Challenge – Sat, December 11
CrossFit Rowing Foundations Certification – Saturday, January 15
Intra-Gym Challenge – January 2011

Donny Shankle Clean and Jerk!

  1. Mats Reply
    Back squats felt very weak today, worked up to 185 lb. I feel like my leg strength has diminished a bit since starting CrossFit. 6:19, Rx on the WOD, box jumps and lunges felt good. 6 HSPUs against the wall, head to floor. Broke them up into 2 sets of 3.
  2. Tripp Reply
    One thing I noticed about Donny's clean is that his elbows bend as soon as the bar passes his knees and they're still bent when he pops the bar up off the hips. This is something that I often do when it starts to get heavy and I have been trying to correct this elbow bend in my form. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much about it. Thoughts?
  3. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    Tripp, I saw that too. Actually to be honest, I just noticed that something wasn't quite right and the lift just wasn't beautiful. Anyway, he is definitely pulling too early. I watched some other videos and Caleb Ward does this too to a much smaller degree. Jon North didn't do it for a PR lift. Kendrick Farris didn't either. I think it's something that should be avoided. I also think we should probably be taking video more often.
  4. Brad Reply
    6 HSPU broken into 2x3 reps. Also did them on Saturday(4) and Sunday(3+2). Mats, I wouldn't feel bad about your leg strength, you finished in almost 1/2 the time it took me, and you smoked everybody else. That WOD was all legs, evident by the baby giraffe walking once I was finished.
  5. Ashley D Reply
    Tripp, he definitely muscles up that clean. He's a strong man to be able to do that, but still not good technique and not recommended. Muscling up the clean by bending your arms too early slows down the bar, decreases power, and decreases full ROM which in turn doesn't allow you as much room to drop under (or pull under) the bar. And as a safety factor, your biceps aren't designed to pull weight like that. Will someone do me a favor and change the HSPU to day 6 on the white board please? :) I haven't been in the gym since Friday. Thank youuuuu!
    • Dave Reply
      It's all changed, Ashley...feel better :) Tripp -- don't bend your arms :D
  6. Mats Reply
    Brad, that comment was meant for my back squats. My guess is that my back squats are a bit weaker now because I do them much less often. It's a strength thing, not a volume thing.
  7. Ashley D Reply
    mats - what have you previously lifted at 3 sets of 5 for back reps? and if you don't have that on record, what is your back squat 1RM?
  8. Mats Reply
    Ashley, I've never done a 1RM for back squat, so I'm not really sure. I used to do 4 sets of 8 reps at 215 lb before I started CrossFit. I was squatting 185 lb today and it was really hard for me. I guess it's tough to compare because the rep structure is different.
  9. Doug Reply
    You should also keep in mind recovery, what you have done in the last few days at the gym, etc. Between the running a mile and the medball cleans from yesterday, that could effect your performance the next day. There will always be some day to day fluctuation (IE: I felt week today), so I wouldn't sweat it unless it is a trend. We also just haven't been doing that many front/back squats or DL in the last 6 weeks.
  10. Ashley D Reply
    4 sets @ 8 reps is definitely more volume/weight, but like doug said, i wouldn't get too worried about it after just one performance. especially if you did do the running and med ball cleans yesterday. you're going to ebb in flow in crosfit, but as long as the over all trend is increasing, i wouldn't put too much thought into it. it sounds like you might be needing to back off a bit, especially since the challenge is only a few days away. REST UP! you want to have that feeling of restless energy come saturday!
  11. lindsay hill Reply
    i did two sets of three hspu against the wall head not to the ground. back squats felt medium, as did the wod.
  12. Channa Reply
    I've been doing my HSPUs for the challenge, but have been bad about posting. Had to make up Sunday by doing extras. All off edge of bed (approx 3')
    • Dave Reply
      For those of you doing the HSPU Challenge and everyone else next time you're doing HSPU in a WOD.....lose the Abmats. Work negatives if you have to, but stop cutting your ROM
  13. Ashley D Reply
    Dave, The reason I suggested and allowed ABMATS is so people could measure their progress. I think it would be better for people to use an AMBAT (or 2) and go from the wall as opposed to going off a 20in box.
  14. Ashley D Reply
    BTW... Jonathan and I both have 22 HSPUs to make-up tomorrow. 15 from Saturday till today and then the 7 for tomorrow. He was out of town and forgot and I've been sick. Yay.
  15. Gabe Hall Reply
    9.19 rx on the WOD defintely a beast on the legs....Did endurance WOD at night.... Also Did Jeff Tuckers WOD 5-10-15-20-15-10-5 Strict Press(#95) Ring Dips(dont let chest dip forward) Pushups(strict Form) Each movement was performed in ever single round..first round was 5 of everything, second round was 10 reps of everything etc... 29 min 34 sec...hit absolute muscle failure
  16. Nicole Reply
    Made up yesterdays HSPUs - 5 in a row against wall with 3 abmats. Did today's HSPUs - 6 against the wall with 2 abmats. The last 2 were hard since they were #s 10 and 11 in a row. Glad to be back on track.
  17. Sonny Reply
    1. There is a special place reserved in hell for this WOD. 2. I completely missed this HSPU challenge but because it's one of the few strength exercises that I can actually do well (cuz I'm pretty light weight) I hereby join the challenge starting tomorrow.

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