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Splitting Up Clean And Jerks

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WOD for Wednesday 051210 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Perform 12 reps at 85% 1RM.  Rest sufficiently between each rep.
3 Rounds For Time:
12 Hang Power Cleans (135/96)
Row 500m
12 Jerks (135/95)

Post Loads and Time to Comments      
Today’s strength segment is designed to allow you to perform 12 properly executed Cleans.  All reps should start on the floor and be recived in a full front squat.  Rest just enough between reps to be able to execute the next one without failing.  If you’re unsure about your technique or ability to perform a given rep safely at the posted %, then use common sense and good judgement.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.  

For the metcon, consider using a load of 40% 1RM for the Cleans and Jerks in order to ensure proper movement execution and to maximize power output and intensity.  

What Benchmark WOD would you like to tackle next?  Post answer to comments

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  1. Ashley D Reply
    jonathan, kelli, dave v., and matt joined me this morning. i realllly appreciate the fact that they are always willing to workout w/me. these wods are no bueno when done alone. 1) amrap 3 min squat cleans to thrusters (clusters) (115/85) 24 reps 2) today's wod, but 5 rounds. RX @ 24:07 oh, and the other benchmark-ish wod i want to do is frindy. fran followed by cindy for the remaining 20 min.
  2. Dave Reply
    did today's wod with the 8:30 crew. scaled to 95lbs. 13:34 or something Doug, you're a monster
  3. Doug Reply
    Clusters are the SUCK! So glad I'm not around to be "peer pressured" into Ashley's training. Not sure I could have done a 4th, let alone a 5th set today. The last set of push jerks were rather suspect with regards to form... Cleans (one of my favorite exercises) 12 reps at 180# Wod 13:00 on the nose, RX today.
  4. Doug Reply
    Since it looks like Linda is out I vote for Murph or Badger.
  5. Greg Reply
    Gang, Your chorus of WOD wishes is being heard load and clear. However, be careful of what you ask for (i.e. Murph -- Cade inspired me to try it and it was brutal. Be prepared for at least 1 hour if performed RX. Then again, there's a remarkable sense of accomplishment when complete). I'm also hearing Grace and Isabel as well. Stay tuned.
  6. Doug Reply
    (In best Mr. T voice): "My prediction.... PAIN!"
  7. Phil B Reply
    I aint gettin on no plane, Greg.
  8. Melinda Reply
    14 something for this WOD. I used 58lbs for my cleans and my jerks. I think this was a perfect weight because it kept the intensity up but still heavy enough that I couldn't do them all unbroken. My pace for rowing declined for each round. Does this happen to everyone? Start at a 2:05-9 and end at like a 2:15-25. Well and I guess it isn't consistent either. INSERT PLUG FOR ROWING SEMINAR. The crappy thing that happened, that happens to me fairly regularly , is that I forgot to do one of the 3 things, maybe the cleans, in the third round. I realized this during my row and so did them after. The problem when this happens, is that it makes me second guess myself for everything else. I told Dave this and he said - you just had to remember 3 things. Exactly. Why is this so difficult? Benchmark WOD - I've got to throw in Badger. The day I did badger...I really felt like I had accomplished something. And maybe that I could do anything. Maybe Murph will be my new Badger? We might need the smelling salts.
  9. Melinda Reply
    Oh and HOLY CRAP - Doug cleans 180lbs and I cleaned a measly 58 lbs?
  10. Matt H Reply
    rocked out the wod with Ashley today....it was all kinds of horrible, especially on no energy to begin with. Scaled to 115 after 1st set because my right arm just stopped working. Everyone else beasted it. I have no idea what my reps were in clusters and wod time...I just wanted to finish doing CFE workouts at night....10K for time. Thanks to google maps sucking ass I went 6.8 as opposed to 6.2...50 something, walked alot of it, had nothing today

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