Squat Pyramid -- WOD for 062811 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
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Squat Pyramid

WOD for Tuesday 062811Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Back Squat
For Time:
Run 800m
30 Muscle Ups
Run 800m

Post Back Squat Loads and Metcon Time to  Comments
For the strength segment, alternate between sets of 10 reps (approx. 40% 1RM) and a single rep (as heavy as possible) for Back Squats.  All reps should be squatted below parallel and stood to full knee and hip extension.

For the Metcon, if you cannot do Muscle Ups then do a total of 30 Pullups and 30 Ring Dips as a substitute.

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Hard to even fathom

  1. Squat Bost Reply
    If I tried to put 1300 on my back, I'd turn into a puddle instantly. Say what you will about this guy's range of motion, but the fact that he can even support that weight is just nuts.
    • Dave Reply
      His ROM is clearly different from our usual standard. Powerlifting rules I guess. Wonder what he can squat ass to ankles?
  2. jonathan d Reply
    but then he had a nagging itch on his ear and it turned into a big fail. as for today's wod, huge props to griff who not only got his first MUs, but he got the 30 in the wod. awesome work. i normally would have loved this wod, but i was just happy to finish my 30 today. 23:56 Rx. it's slowly coming back.
  3. Squat Bost Reply
    My guess would be zero pounds only because dude has clearly been skipping Mike's mobility classes and couldn't make it down there.
  4. Cliffnov Reply
    I don't think that's so much his mobility issues as the squat suit he's wearing. Watch him try to walk even without the weight. I'm not saying I'm not impressed. Like Phil, I would just collapse under that weight. I just don't really know what he's actually doing, vs what the squat suit and the green rubber bands are doing.you should post the video of post Mendes' 800# ass to grass squat.
  5. Squat Bost Reply
    Oh this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK7m6I5m6gY
  6. Cliffnov Reply
    *Pat* Mendes. My collar bone felt a little tweaky on ring dips and low bar squats, , so I went high bar and worked on explosiveness at 135#-155#-175#-155#-135#. For the metcon, I did: Run 800m Row 1000m Run 800m 11:27 roughly 3:20 / 4:10 / 3:30_
  7. Doug Reply
    Went a little heavier on the squats today, 215/295 for my 10/1. the 10 was worse, a lot worse, than the 1. Weight Vest Tuesday: Boy was I not happy when this popped up. I decided to only do the running with the vest on today. First 800 right at 3:00. dropped the vest and got to the Muscle Ups. Strung together my first MU's today (got 3 in a row at one point). Had several failures. as well. Finished in 21:25 RX + (ran the last 800 with the vest as well, although I'm not sure what my time on the last 800 was)
  8. Ashley D Reply
    Did today's strength and yesterday's WOD Used 135/185 for the strength. I think I could have gone heavier. 100 DUs 30 power clean and jerk (95#) 100 DUs 5:45 RX
  9. Jack Reply
  10. Squat Bost Reply
    Nice try Jack, but this guy doesn't have a mohawk so it's clearly not the same person. Very tricky sir.
  11. shayne Reply
    jack (and others) question on that video: kstar says to hang out in the "relaxed bottom position" but usually when coaches @ CFD say to spend some time in the bottom of the squat, we are told to keep the tension in our hamstrings. it's hard to tell in the vid, but it looks to me like kstar is sitting in the bottom position (not so much the tiny dancer, ahem, but kstar certainly). and he does explicitly say "relaxed bottom position" in the text of the post. questions: 1. do you think kstar is truly bottomed out or is he retaining tension in his hamstrings and i am just not seeing it? 2. if the former is true, is this is a useful position to hold? what's the difference between holding this (possibly) "relaxed" position and the one we usually do at CFD?
  12. Squat Bost Reply
    Seems like hanging out in the bottom of the squat when tense is good because it simulates a position you'll assume when you're bearing an external load. Seems like hanging out in the bottom of the squat when relaxed is also good because it allows you to get more of a hip stretch. (I don't really know what I'm talking about here. Just saying things.)
  13. Rachel Reply
    Shayne, KStar has done the 10 minute squat test every 30 days since he started the mwods. He explicitly makes them totally relaxed at the bottom of the squat, and acknowledges that it's a different position than a weight-bearing squat. Episodes 240, 210, 150, 120, and some of the others give more details, but I think he's reminding folks that "normal" = "full range of motion", and less than full ROM is something to improve.
  14. shayne Reply
    thanks for the additional info, Rachel!
    • Dave Reply
      Would you be interested in a CPR/AED certification class? Cost will be $20 plus $7 in advance for the manual. Class would be 3-4 hours on a Saturday or Sunday.
  15. Jed Reply
    I'd take the class.
  16. Jed Reply
    VS Athletics is having a sale on weightlifting shoes. They are going for $40 compared to the normal price of $85. This is a video from them that points out a few things on why weightlifting shoes are good. It is an ad, but the info is good. I have a pair and don't always wear them when I lift, but I probably should. http://youtu.be/TrJfOi5rnlU
  17. Ashley D Reply
    I used to be a barefoot lifter. I lifted that way for about a year and 1/2. Didn't see the need in lifting shoes, until I was finally talked into it by somebody. They're probably one of the best purchases I've made. I feel rock solid when I lift with them. The last thing you want to think about when lifting is fighting for that extra bit of balance. Save that energy for moving the weight.
  18. Cliff Reply
    Jed, can you clarify where you saw that sale? I went to http://vsathletics.com/, and I'm seeing $85 marked down to $76. Not as good a deal. :(
  19. Jed Reply
    Hey Cliff, try this
  20. Jed Reply
  21. Cliffnov Reply
    Perfect! Thanks.
  22. Jed Reply
    No problem Cliff

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