Squatapalooza - WOD for 110612 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
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WOD for Tuesday 110512Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Front Squat – 75% 1RM
10 sets of 2 Reps
5 Rounds For Time
10 Pistols
15 Wall Ball (20/14)
Run 200m

Post Front Squat Loads and Workout Rounds to Comments
For the strength segment, after warming up perform 10 sets of 2 rep Front Squats at 75% 1RM.  These shouldn’t be too heavy.  Make sure you take good rest between these work sets (2-3 minutes).

For the conditioning workout, set the Push Press load based on 65% of your bodyweight.  Sub parallette jumps for double unders.   

Front Squat Tips

  1. Paul K Reply
    Worked Squats at 165# - Felt very smooth today. METCON - 12:51 Pistols done to a 20" box. Wall Balls Rx Runs were TOUGH in the crisp morning air. Good stuff.
  2. Amanda Reply
    squats @ 115 - felt great. I have a feeling a new PR is on the horizon. but that metcon. I'm fairly certain I had the longest time of the day. While I did all the pistols unassisted, wall balls and I have a long way to go...

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