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Stacking Boxes

On Saturday, September 26th CrossFit Durham will take part in Fight Gone Bad IV, a nationwide fundraiser benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project and Athletes For A Cure.  Click here to register for our Team and let’s raise $10,000 for these two worthy causes.  Learn more about what we have planned under Upcoming Events.

**Gym News**
Yesterday we added 500 square feet of rubber mats to expand our useable workout space!  Coming Soon–“Small grip-friendly” garage door pullup bar, cubbies to keep your stuff in while you WOD, and a key rack for your car keys!

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WOD for Wednesday 090729Today’s Schedule — Click Here
For Time:
Run 400m 
10 Press (95/65)
Run 400m
15 Push Presses
Run 400m
20 Push Jerks

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Nice lockout, Courtney!

  1. B. Kiddo Reply
    What shoes am I suppose to wear for this?
  2. Marc B Reply
    9:52 as RXd. Who knew the run would be the toughest part? I swear someone moved that 2nd tree just after the 1st run.
  3. mandy j. Reply
    Bea, wear running shoes!
  4. Allison B Reply
    11:08 Rx. Funny Marc, Dave said the same thing- except he said it on the first run! So good to be home, and the gym looks GREAT!!!
  5. Shane F Reply
    I did my own WOD while on vacation with equipment I brought from home. Its harder working out by my lonesome. 5 rds for time of: 2 Parallette HSPUs 10 DB Split Cleans (30# DBs) 15 KB Swings (55#) -14:40
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      RX'd in 10:19 Great time WOD'ing with the 8:30 class today! so much better than working out alone need more new shoes barely helped
      • Dave Rubin Reply
        New batch of Lg and XL Paleo Kits is in! Large - $5 X-Large - $6
  6. kelli mc Reply
    So...i went to the regular gym with matt today and did a workout that he selected. for those of you who have met matt, you're probably thinking that that was a dumb decision and you would be correct. 500m row, 25pullups, 50deadlifts (135/95), 50pushups, 100bench jumps, 50floor wipers, 50dumbell clean and press, 25pullups, 500m row. i don't think i'll ever be the same. and to think i skipped crossfit to not overwork my already tweaked shoulder...stupid, stupid, stupid
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Kelli -- what was your time? and yes, why in the world would you ever follow him? :D
  7. kelli mc Reply
  8. kelli mc Reply
    he finished in 23something
  9. Chad E Reply
    Kelli, I remember the days when I thought more was better... Now I know to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)! Loved the WOD today! 7:34 as rx'd
  10. Matt H Reply
    Yeah, our bootleg workout sucked, it was the 300 workout....I added the rows, horrible idea! Never did floor wipers before, those were quite awful.... certainly different and wanted to do it when i read about it a year ago.....good stuff
  11. Dave Rubin Reply
    nice work, pm crews! liked seeing a lot of the new folks getting upside down during handstand push up practice!
  12. Sarah D Reply
    Last night was a lot of fun. I think baby Xavier is my new favorite part about CrossFit. I liked this WOD. Good for building up speed. I also loved working out with the evening crew last night and hearing everyone cheer each other on. Nice work! 6:20 Rx

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