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Stop Jerking Around

On Sunday, July 19th, we will host Coach Chris Wilkes of CrossFit Chesapeake for an OLYMPIC WEIGHTLFITING SEMINAR!  Space is VERY limited so sign up today! 

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Thursday 090611
Push Jerks

5, 5, 5
7 Rounds for Time
3 Push Jerks (155/115)
6 Pullups
9 Pushups

Post Loads and Time to Comments. 

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Female Clean and Jerk….286.4lbs!

  1. Shane F Reply
    Up to 185#x5 on the Push/Split Jerk. WOD in 7:12 as Rx.
  2. mandy j. Reply
    155 x 5 on push jerk... not diggin the split jerk quite yet. wod in 8:03 at Rx weight & ring rows. thanks, courtney, for teaching me the difference between a push jerk and a push press... i need a helmet.
  3. Alison B Reply
    Great job, 6:15! Shane, you were an animal! Craig, way to hang in there. And Ali- way to rock out the pullups. Mandy, you amaze me every day, and ESPECIALLY ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!! Happy Birthday!
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      New t-shirts are in the works! post your slogan ideas if there's something you'd like to see
  4. Alison B Reply
    Okay- there are two, but I don't know if we can use them, since other CrossFit's have used those slogans. 1. Unfuckwithable. 2. (someone was wearing it at the Total) Your girl does pilates, I do pullups.
  5. sara B Reply
    I pulled the ones I like from the Crossfit Oakland site Some of the best jerks around! Blow your WOD at Crossfit Durham Get your ass kicked at Crossfit Durham It's all about the snatch The cure for the common workout. Ask me about Fran, Mary and Helen. We will Clean, Jerk and Snatch your Ass Let me know if need any help with the design. I'm a graphic designer.
  6. sara B Reply
  7. Naomi Reply
    Happy Birthday, Mandy! CrossFit Basketball was fun at the 5:00 class today. Good idea, Mitchell! WOD: I'm a jerk at the push jerk, that's all I'll say about that. 65#, Ring Rows @ 9:35. Is anyone doing Race for the Cure on Saturday?
  8. cke Reply
    I hate how trite this sounds but to the true clock holder for 6 grp, who kicked it solo thereafter. Kudos.
  9. Bill Reply
    9:30, tough workout!

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