Tabata Fun Is Not Fun -- WOD for 090819 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
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Tabata Fun Is Not Fun

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WOD for Wednesday 090819Today’s Schedule — Click Here
Complete 8 Tabata Intervals (4 minutes of 20s on/20s off) of each exercise.  Rest 1 minute between exercises.   
Med Ball Cleans
Ring Push Ups
Double Unders 

Post Loads and Total Tabata Reps Completed to Comments  

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**Survey Question Of The Day**
In a perfect world, would you prefer to WOD in the morning or at night?  Post answers to comments. 

782lb Deadlift!

  1. Kelli McLaughlin Reply
    morning, absolutely. best way to start your day!
  2. Basil Reply
    Any one have these deck of cards? Figured it was a must have for crossfitters.
    • Dave Reply
      Basil, I think Jack has a set
  3. Naomi Reply
    Kelli's right. Morning is best, and then you get bragging rights for the day. In a perfect world, I would live within walking distance to the box and workout in the morning as well.
  4. Naomi Reply
    Basil, those cards would make for an interesting drinking game. Last one to meet Pukie - WINS!
  5. Tripp Reply
    In a perfect world, both.
  6. Jack W. Reply
    I agree with Tripp. Basil...that deck is awesome. We need to do a hopper challenge sometime.
  7. Matt H Reply
    3am after work so maybe I could actually go to one in the morning, endurance in the afternoon and one to make me sleep....I like it, lets do it deadlift: 1. 235 x 3 (hurt my back) 2. 275 x 3 (stupid idea) 3. 235 x 3 wod: pullups: 72 medball cleans: 73 ring pushups: 80 double unders: 51 I'll take tuck jumps over double unders any day....those slowed me down more than anything...had to do one at a time. Though 51 is better than the 1 that i thought i would get
  8. Tom Reply
    In a perfect world I do my crossfit or cardio in the morning and I roll in the evening. Now I just need to get myself up out of bed and then out of the office at a resonible hour to make all of that happen!
  9. becky Reply
    generally mornings...definitely gets you going for the day! also, why are med ball cleans about the hardest thing we do in the gym? or is this just me?
  10. Jessica Reply
    Definitely both -- mornings for crossfit and late afternoon / early evening for a run or a bike ride (or maybe just an amble with my elderly dachshund). @Becky: I also think MedBall cleans are pretty much harder than anything else. Today, after a full month, I think I actually started doing them right, which made them even harder.
  11. Becky N Reply
    175,175,185 for the deadlifts I completely lost count while trying to do double unders so I have no idea what my numbers were for the WOD :/ I can't wait until my shoulder feels better and I can do pull-ups and things overhead.
  12. Becky N Reply
    As for best time of day I really like having a flexible schedule that allows me to come to a mid morning class like the 11:30 - I feel my best then.

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