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Tabata What?

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Tuesday 090609

3, 3, 3
Tabata Deadlifts (Novice 135/95, Advanced 225/185)
For 20 seconds do as many deadlifts as you can.  Rest 10 seconds.  Repeat this 7 more times for a total of 8 rounds.  Score is counted by the total number of reps in all 8 sets.

Post Loads and Number of Reps Completed to Comments. 

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  1. Sara B. Reply
    Deadlift got up to 205 For Tabata did 16 (not 8) at 145 for a total of 65 thats 9,425 pound in 8 min whoa! Lori thanks for your encouragement and help
  2. Shane F Reply
    Deadlift 3x320, 3x340 and gassed out after the 1st rep of 360. WOD: 58x 225# in 16 rds. This one was a beast! To make myself feel better, I'll call it 13,050# of work.
  3. mandy j. Reply
    got up to 285 (?) x 3 on the DL. ummmm...this definitely falls into mandys "top 5 worst wods ever" category. i got brave and started at 225...made it through 8 rounds, but almost died. so finished out the last 8 rounds with 135 for sets of 1--HELLO muscle failure! i think my total ended at 64 reps + one bloody hand...awesome :) dunsey, can i start counting ibuprofen as carbs for the zone?
  4. Lori F Reply
    Yeah, Sarah and I hit 205 for 5. That was plenty of warmup for that B-R-U-T-A-L WOD! I did 155#s [I thought that was Rx?] and got 69 reps in total, ending with all of 3 per round. Ugh. The back fatigue is already setting in. Thanks Greg.
  5. lindsay hill Reply
    so i read the blog obsessively...and sometimes don't even read the board when i get in to work out, so i started with 185...after 4 minutes with only 10 reps i decided to drop down, and then the weight didn't want to leave the i did basically what the blog says and rested...then i saw that the board said 155, so when greg did his workout, i did four minutes at 155 and got 21 reps...
  6. Lori F Reply
    So the board DID say 155?? cool. sorry to hear you started with 185 Lindsay - i'm sure that was TOUGH!!!
  7. Sarah D Reply
    Dave, are you sure that is the right price? I can order large paleokits for $5 each on the paleokit website.
  8. Jack Reply
    Sarah, You are not factoring in the shipping costs.
  9. Naomi Reply
    Got up to 185# x 3 on DL. WOD: Rx at novice level (95#) - 100 reps. I think it's time to move up a notch. Still, it was not easy. Y'all are some strong folks! I like it!
  10. Beatrice Reply
    That was horrible!!! Who ever came up with that needs to be beaten.
  11. Lori Reply
    Beatrice-i like your idea... we could even make THAT into a WOD: 20seconds of beating with a 10second rest. What do you think, maybe 10 rounds?
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Lori, you're freakin hilarious :) and this WOD was Greg's idea :D
  12. andy Reply
    i second that idea of the beatdown, just give me a couple days to recuperate from this hellish WOD
  13. Chad Edwards Reply
    DLs 135x3,185x3,225x3 WOD as rx'd (225#) 74 reps

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