Tag Team Title Match -- WOD for 111409 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
410 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 907-1233

Tag Team Title Match

Just over two weeks left to register for the Carolina Fitness Challenge
taking place at CrossFit Durham on Saturday, December 12th! 
Registration deadline: Nov. 30th

The event will be sponsored by Forged Clothing! 

WOD for Saturday 111409Today’s Schedule — Click Here
In teams of 2, perform AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
5 Pullups
10 Broad Jumps (6’/5′)
20 KB Swings (52/35)

While one partner works for a max number of rounds, the other completes a 400m run.  Upon completing the run, pick up where the other partner left off.  

Post Number of Rounds completed to Comments

 If you could pick just one exercise to do in a WOD this coming week, what would it be and why?  Post answer to comments.

Fun with a 60Kg Kettlebell!


  1. Sabah Reply
    Thrusters - b/c I hate them with passion!
  2. Sara C Reply
    backsqats! And rowing! Funnnnnn
  3. Nemo Reply
    muscle ups, because they're badass
  4. Jessica Reply
    Running, because it is pretty much the only thing I can do for 20 minutes straight.
  5. Dave Reply
    Thanks to Patrick, John, and Lindsay for helping rearrange the gym today! everyone come check it out!
  6. Ashley D Reply
    burpees and double unders - major cardio
  7. Ashley D Reply
    burpees AND double unders - major sucking of air!
  8. Ashley D Reply
    awww... my first one acted like it didn't go through. :(

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