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chest to bar pullups

WOD for 111716

Segment 1: 21-15-9: hang squat cleans (115/75) Chest-to-bar pull-ups Segment 2: Mobility
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WOD for 091916

Segment 1: 5×3 Squat Clean and Jerk at 80% reset each rep on the floor Segment 2: Front Squat 5×5 Front Squat at 80% across Segment 3: 5 rounds NOT for time of: Max Rep unbroken Pushups Max rep unbroken C2B Pullups No rest between movements, 3 minute rest between rounds
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WOD for 070916

Segment 1: EMOM 10 minutes: 1 Squat Clean and Split Jerk (Same weight across, increasing loads, work to 1RM) Segment 2: 7 Rounds For Time: 10 unbroken C2B Pullups Scale the number per round as needed to go unbroken. Rest as needed between rounds, but whole segment should be less than
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WOD for 062616

Segment 1: Take 20 minutes to make up any missed segment from the past week. Segment 2: In teams of 4, for time: 250 Chest to bar Pullups 250 Kettlebell Swings (52/35) 250 Double Unders 250 Overhead Squats (95/65)
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I’d be in trouble if you left me now

WOD Strength: Take 20 minutes to make up a missed strength workout from the past week. Metcon: AMRAP in 20 minutes: 50 Wall Ball (20/14) 50 Double Unders 40 Box Jumps (24/20) 40 Toes to Bar 30 CTB Pull-Ups 30 Burpees 20 Cleans (145/100) 20 Jerks 10 Snatches 10 Muscle Ups
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Telling my whole life with his words

WOD Strength: Press 3-3-3-1-1-1 Up to 1RM Metcon: AMRAP 15: 55 Double Unders 15 C2B Pullups 5 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)
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Open 16.1

Intramurals are here!  Join us this morning from 9am til noon (at least) to take on Open WOD 16.1!  Be sure to enter your scores when you’re finished at and PLEASE watch the video above for standards so everyone is clear! WOD 16.1 Complete as many rounds and r
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Hangin Out Down The Street

Check out our “Get Your Mind Right” Seminar TOMORROW night at 6:30! WOD Strength: 2 Clean + 1 Jerk 6 sets As heavy as possible Metcon: 21-15-9: Clean and Jerk (115/80) Overhead Squat C2B Pullups
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Gonna Let It All Hang Out

Our Halloween Weightlifting Spectacular is THIS Saturday!  Two women’s spots remain.  Email Dave! WOD Strength: Front Squat 3-3-3-1-1-1 1st set around 80% and finish with 1RM for the day Metcon: 15-12-9 reps: Clean and Jerks (135/95) Chest-to-bar Pullups
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A Big Deal To You

Our September Thirsty Thursday takes place this week – Thursday, 7:30pm, at Fullsteam! Check it out! WOD Skills: Handstand Practice Strength: Snatch Pull/Hang Power Snatch 2-2-2-2-2-2 As heavy as possible Metcon: 4 Rounds For Time: 15 Chest to Bar Pullups Run 400m
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