Kettlebell Snatch | CrossFit Durham - Part 8
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kettlebell snatch

Relay Race

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL OUR CROSSFIT DURHAM DADS! EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT FOR BOOTCAMP EXTENDED TIL MONDAY! WOD for Sunday 061911 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule Running Drills –Rest– In teams of three, complete the following For Time: 1800m Relay Run 120 KB Sn
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Katie P

NC Race For The Triangle — TEAM MELINDA! WOD for Monday 052311 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule Overhead Squat 5-5-3-3-3 –Rest– “Katie P’s Birthday WOD” 2 Rounds of 28 Reps Each For Time: Kettlebell Snatch – any arm (52/35) Air Squats Toes to Bar Inverted Ring
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Push It Or Split It

New Bootcamps Start Next Monday! WOD for Tuesday 042611 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule Jerk 3-3-3-1-1-1 –Rest– AMRAP in 12 minutes: 5 KB Snatch – right (52/35) 5 KB Snatch – left (52/35) 5 Burpees Post Jerk Loads and Metcon Rounds to  Comments For the
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Big Jumpin'

Want to see what the Fifth Ape Seminar on February 5th is all about?  Check this out! [youtube][/youtube] WOD for Thursday 020311  – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Bench Press Determine 1RM Warmup:  Perform 3 reps @ 50%, 60%, 70
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Benchmark Week 2011 — "Nancy"

NEW BOOTCAMPS START NEXT MONDAY!  WOD for Tuesday 010411  — Click Here For Today’s Schedule  KB Snatches Take 20 minutes and work on KB Snatches –Rest– “Nancy” 5 Rounds For Time: Run 400m 15 Overhead Squats (95/65) Post Time to Comments We will do a diffe
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Farm Work

NEW BOOTCAMPS COMING JANUARY 10th!  Need Holiday Gift?  Check out our Stores at Zazzle and Cafe Press! WOD for Saturday 121810 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Handstands Take 20 minutes to work on your handstands –Rest– AMRAP in 12 minutes: 12 Burpees  12 KB Sna
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Rhythmic Snatches

Volunteers still needed for the Carolina Fitness Challenge on December 11th! Sign up sheets are on the whiteboard at the gym! WOD for Monday 112910 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Overhead Squat 5 sets of 5 reps –Rest– KB Snatch Test (52/35) As many reps as poss
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Gone Snatchin'

The gym will be open on Thanksgiving Day for a team WOD at 9am! There will be WODs on Friday at 10 and 11am only! WOD for Monday 112210 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Front Squat Determine 3RM –Rest– 6 Rounds For Time: 8 KB Snatch (52/35) 8 Burpees Post Front S
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In Fourteen Hundred Ninety-Two

Amazing “Grace”, Barbells for Boobs Fundraiser, coming October 23rd.  Register here WOD for Monday 101110 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Handstands  5 sets for max hold time –Rest– 21-15-9 For Time: KB Snatch – right (52/35) KB Snatch –
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From Istanbul To Constantinople

NEW Bootcamps beginning September 8th! EARLY BIRD expires in 5 days …SAVE 10%! Refer a friend to this Bootcamp and get ONE MONTH FREE on your membership! WOD for Tuesday 083110 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Skill:  Turkish Get Ups –Rest– 6 Rounds For Tim
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