Muscle Ups | CrossFit Durham - Part 10
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muscle ups

CF Open WOD #4

Welcome Living Social Voucher Holders! We can’t wait to meet you! Please remember that all 4 classes are by appointment only! Email or call (571) 224-3706 to schedule your workouts. WOD for Saturday 041611 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule CrossFit
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Long Haul

We’re going to see the Durham Bulls on Saturday, May 7th! Reserve your tickets by TOMORROW here! WOD for Wednesday 041311 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule Muscle Ups Warmup:  Perform 5 reps @40% and 50%, 3 reps @60% “working 1RM” Work Sets:  Perform 3 reps @70%, 80%, max
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Register for “Bailing Class” next Saturday, March 12th and Nutrition Guide Rollout and Q&A on Saturday, March 26th! WOD for Sunday 030611 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Forward Inchword w/Pushup In 10 minutes cover as much distance as possible with the fewest reps
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Hard and Heavy

Fifth Ape Seminar is TOMORROW!  Spots still open! WOD for Friday 020411  – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Overhead Squat 5 reps @55% 1RM 5 reps @65% 5 reps @70%  5 reps @80% 5 reps @85% Rippetoe on the Overhead Squat here –Rest– 9-7-5 Reps For Time: Deadlift (85% 1RM) Muscle Ups  Po
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Muscle It

Durham Indoor Rowing Trials – February 27th!  You KNOW you wanna do it! WOD for Saturday 012911  – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Muscle Ups Take 20 minutes to work on your muscle ups and MU progressions Muscle Up progressions here –Rest– AMRAP in 15 minutes: 5 Push Press (115
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Benchmark Week 2011 – Row 2000m

NEW BOOTCAMPS START MONDAY!  WOD for Friday 010711  — Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Muscle Ups Take 20 minutes and work on your Muscle Up progressions  –Rest– For Time: Row 2000m Post Time to Comments We will do a different Benchmark WOD each day this week to help
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Try It Yourself

GREAT WORK to everyone who competed in the Carolina Fitness Challenge this weekend!  BIG THANKS TO ALL OF OUR VOLUNTEERS! WOD for Monday 121310 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Overhead Squat 5 sets of 3 reps –Rest– For Time: Row 1250m Then, in 3 minutes, as many
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Getting Strict

Volunteers still needed for the Carolina Fitness Challenge on Saturday! Sign up sheets are on the whiteboard at the gym! Volunteer Meeting Wednesday Night at 7pm! WOD for Tuesday 120710 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Skill:  Muscle Up Transitions –Rest– AMRAP i
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All Muscled Up

Carolina Fitness Challenge coming December 11th! Volunteers Needed!  Email Dave if you’d like to be a volunteer WOD for Thursday 111810 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Skill: Muscle Ups –Rest– For Time: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Rep Rounds: Box Jumps (24/20) KB
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Offensive Line

Next Bootcamps start MONDAY! Tell your friends and receive ONE MONTH FREE for every new friend who registers!       WOD for Friday 110510 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Overhead Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1-1-1 –Rest– 9-6-3 Reps For Time: Deadlift (80% 1RM)  Muscle Ups 50
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