Run | CrossFit Durham - Part 4
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WOD for 061816

Segment 1: EMOM 10 minutes: 1 Clean and Jerk You can choose to approach this differently (ie: across, climbing, waves or hit a 1RM). Segment 2: EMOM 10 minutes: Min 1: 5 Squat Cleans, you choose the weight Min 2: 5 Muscle Ups Scale number of reps as needed to maintain reps for the who
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WOD for 061616

Segment 1: Press Establish 1RM Segment 2: “Running Christine” 3 Rounds: 400 Meter Run 12 Deadlifts (225/155) 21 Box Jumps (24/20)
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WOD for 061316

Segment 1: EMOM 10 minutes: 2 Snatch Pulls (add weight each round as long as you can) Segment 2: 3×2 Back Squat, same weight across around 85% 1RM Segment 3: “Schlitz” 4 Rounds: 400 Meter Run 4 Muscle Ups 40 Double Unders Scale as needed to finish within 15 minutes Endurance (7:30pm):
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WOD for 061016

Segment 1: For time: 800/400/200m Run 18-15-12 Power Snatch (95/65) Scale as needed to finish within 12 minutes Segment 2: 18-15-12: Toes to Bar Overhead Squat (95/65) Scale as needed to finish within 10 minutes Segment 3: Reverse Tabata Handstand Pushups 10 seconds on 20 seconds off
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WOD for 060116

WOD Skills: Tabata Toes to Bar, 4 minutes Tabata Handstand Pushups, 4 minutes Metcon: 1000m Run then, 3 Rounds For Time 10 Clean and Jerks (135/95) 10 Chest to Bar Pullups 10 Burpees then, 1000m Run Scale as needed to finish in 20 minutes
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Memorial Day Murph 2016

Today we honor those who have fallen in defense of our Nation and our freedoms.  Please consider a donation to the Michael P. Murphy Foundation as we pay tribute to the fallen with the Hero WOD “Murph” “Murph” For Time Run 1 mile 100 Pullups 200 Pushups 300 Air
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Spread out the oil, the gasoline

WOD Skills: Muscle Ups, max reps EMOM, 10 minutes Tabata Pushups 4 minutes Metcon: 0-10 Minute: 1 Mile Run + Max Clean and Jerk (135/95) in remaining time 10-13 Minute: Rest 13-20 Minute: 800 Meter Run + Max Power Snatch (115/80) in remaining time 20-23 Minute: Rest 23-27 Minute: 400
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If you start me up

WOD Strength: 2 Snatch Pulls + 2 Power Snatch 6 sets as heavy as possible Metcon: 21-15-9 Deadlifts (225/155) 400m run after each set Scale as needed to finish under 12 minutes
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I don’t know where to look

WOD Strength: Take 20 minutes to make up a missed strength workout from the past week. Metcon: Row 2000m 200 Double Unders Run 2ooom
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WOD for 051616

WOD  Strength: Deadlift 3-3-3-1-1-1 Set new 1RM Metcon: 3 rounds: Run 400m 40 Situps 7 Deadlifts (315/225) Endurance: 6x20m Sprints, unlimited rest 4x60m Sprints, unlimited rest 2x150m Sprints, unlimited rest 1x400m Sprint
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