Wall Ball | CrossFit Durham - Part 16
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wall ball

Goin' "Nutts"

Fight Gone Bad 5 — September 25th!  Click here to join our fundraising team help us raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and the LiveSTRONG Foundation!  This event is for EVERYONE!  Please sign up and encourage your friends to donate!  Can’t make it?  You can still
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Fight Gone Not So Bad…Yet

NEW Bootcamps beginning September 8th! Refer a friend to this Bootcamp and get ONE MONTH FREE on your membership! WOD for Tuesday 090710 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Snatch Warmup:  3 reps @40/50/60/70% 1RM Work:  5 sets of 3 reps@80% 1RM –Rest– For Time: 21-
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Dip And Drive

Thanks to everyone who came out for the 70’s BIG CHALLENGE on Saturday!  Stay tuned for the July Challenge! WOD for Monday 062810 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Push Press Warmup:  Perform 5 reps @ 40%, 50%, 60% 1RM Work Sets:  Perform 2 sets of 3 Reps @ 75%, 1 set of Max Re
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Keystone Cops

70’S BIG CHALLENGE!  TOMORROW, 9am-Noon!  More info here! WOD for Friday 062510 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Row 1000m Then, AMRAP in the remaining 20 minutes of: 25 Double Unders 15 Wall Ball (20/12) 10 Ring Pushups 5 Pullups Post Number of Rounds to Comments Today’
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Hard To Kill

70’S BIG CHALLENGE!  Saturday, 9am-Noon!  More info here! WOD for Thursday 062410 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  “Ashley” For Time: Run 400m 30 Box Jumps (24/20) 30 KB Snatch (52/35) 30 Pullups Run 800m 30 Wall Ball (20/12) 30 Thrusters (95/65) 30 Burpees Run 400
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Midnight Train To Georgia

GYMNASTICS WORKSHOP this Saturday!  Only 7 spots still available!  More info here WOD for Wednesday 061610 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  For Time: 60 KB Swings (52/35) 50 Box Jumps (24/20) 40 Wall Ball (20/12) 30 Pullups 20 GHD Situps 10 Snatch – full or power (115/65) 100
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Out Of Africa

Need a gift for Dad for Father’s Day?  Click here! GYMNASTICS WORKSHOP next Saturday!  Only 10 total spots available!  More info here WOD for Saturday 061210 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  For Time: 50 Pullups 50 Wall Ball (20/12) 50 KB Swings (52/35) 50 Shoulder To Overhead
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Elbows In And Up

Good luck to Ashley and Allison competing this weekend in the CrossFit Games Southeast Regionals in Jacksonville, FL!  Follow their results here! Bootcamps begin again on Monday, June 7th! Register before May 31st and SAVE 10%!  WOD for Saturday 052910 – Click Here For Today’s Schedul
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Thursday Night Fights

WHOLE 9 NUTRITION SEMINAR! Tonight from 6-9pm!   Extra spots are open to attend! There is NO ENDURANCE WOD tonight due to the Whole 9 Seminar! There will be NO Regular WOD at 6pm or 7pm, but the gym will be open for you to do the WOD on your own! WOD for Thursday 050610 – Click Here F
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New Week, New Snatches

WHOLE 9 NUTRITION SEMINAR! Thursday, May 6th!  Only a few spots left! We’re giving you ONE MONTH FREE when you refer a friend to one of our upcoming Foundations Classes! WOD for Monday 050310 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule  Snatch Perform 12 reps at 85% 1RM.  Rest sufficiently betw
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