Take Your Best Shot -- WOD for 111209 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
410 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 907-1233

Take Your Best Shot

Less than three weeks left to register for the Carolina Fitness Challenge
taking place at CrossFit Durham on Saturday, December 12th! 
Registration deadline: Nov. 30th

The event will be sponsored by Forged Clothing! 

WOD for Thursday 111209Today’s Schedule — Click Here
Handstand Pushups or Handstand Holds
Perform 3 sets of max rep handstand pushups (if you can do more than 3 at a time)
or 3 sets of max time handstand holds (if you cannot do more than 3 at a time)
For Time:
150 Wall Ball (20/12)

Post Number of Reps or Time of Handstand Holds and Time to Comments

Stop Obsessing
Skinny Fat?

Wall Ball anyone?

  1. Nemo Reply
    mmm, Karen sounds sexy...
  2. Bill Reply
    I was just hoping for some wallballs. This ought to do. :)
  3. sabah Reply
    On a completely unrelated note - what time is Allison doing her "I bet on Phillies against Yankees and now I have to do Fran and Helen back to back"? I would like to come and support her in this amazing feat.....
  4. Dave Reply
    Allison will be paying off for her foolish World Series bet tomorrow, Friday, at 5:30 or so. Come out and cheer her on if you can! Also, after she finishes or passes out, whichever happens first, we will be working on something to help cheer up a little girl with cancer: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/elliepotvin
  5. Allison B Reply
    Hey Guys, Thanks to anyone who wants to come in and cheer me on. I'm sure it will be much appreciated. But, I will never consider it a foolish bet- I will stand behind my beloved Phillies ALWAYS. Here's the deal for tomorrow afternoon, which Dave was alluding to: We are going to take a picture to help out a local NC family. Their daughter is 7 and has stage 4 cancer that has relapsed- she will most likely not make it. The family and friends are making a book for her that is called "Lift Up Ellie." Here is her caring bridge page if you want to read about her: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/elliepotvin So for the cover of the book, they are asking people to send them signs that say "Lift Up Ellie." I thought we could put some signs on some barbells and take a picture of people doing a variety of lifts with the signs on the bars. We are asking people to wear their CF Durham T-shirts so they know they have a team of people close by that are behind them. I will bring the signs, Bea generously offered her photography skills, I will take care of getting them the photographs. Please come help out if you can. It will take very little time, and I'm sure it will go a long way to bring comfort and joy to a local family. THANK YOU!
  6. Allison B Reply
    Also, you can follow them on Twitter @LiftUpEllie. They are trying to see how many followers they can get, and Ellie and her twin sister Grace are amazed by it!

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