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Team Trauma

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WOD for Saturday 073011Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Handstand Practice
In teams of three, with only one person working at any time, complete the following as quickly as possible:
50 Handstand Pushups
100 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)
150 Pullups
200 Box Jumps

Partition reps amongst team members as you wish, but the team must complete each task before embarking upon the next.

Post Snatch Pull Loads and Metcon Time to Comments
For the skill segment, take 20 minutes to practice your handstands.

ENDURANCE WORKOUT this morning at 9am with Coach Paul!
Every minute on the minute for 10 to 16 minutes, run 100m and rest remainder of time


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CrossFit Bootcamp – (M/W/F @6:15am)
CrossFit Bootcamp – (M/W/F @7:15am)
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The 2011 CrossFit Games!

  1. Ashley Denton Reply
    Mike and I did this as a team. The power cleans weren't too bad for me, so that was really the only place I benefited our team. My grip was shot for the pullups. Mike did at least twice as many as I did. We both used the 24 in box for the boxjumps. For every 10 I did he did 15. Thanks for picking up the slack, buddy. 28:37 RX
  2. Did the Endurance WOD as well, Paul Reply
    Today's endurance WOD was a true test of endurance. Great job, athletes! Nick, remember to look up from the start of the run. Jay, you're getting very fast. Kristen, you are a she-beast. Channa, that's how you sprint! Chad, you continue to amaze me with your hand-walking and running abilities (and your weight loss, dancing skills, ability to wear a garish shade of green, etc.). Everyone else but Michael Kelley, remember posture, lean, and lift. Michael Kelley, I hate you. I had the honor of joining Kristen and Erin for team LMFGO. What was our time, women-folk? Finally, welcome back, Keith!

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