The Fastest Mile You've Ever Run -- WOD for 090428 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
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The Fastest Mile You've Ever Run


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Tuesday 0904028
Push Press

3, 3, 3
4 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

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Our CrossFit Games female competitor, Sarah, getting some Presses onsarah-push-press.jpg

  1. Lori F Reply
    Allison and I did great on the push presses -- hit 100lbs - a PR! Now the WOD was another story: this one looks innocuous enough... but beware! the sprints take their toll! My best time: 1:37 Did 62 KB snatches with 25lbs. Nice job on the sprints today, Tom - you killed 'em!
  2. Allison B Reply
    Lori and Tom rocked it out this morning! I fell just short of Lori's push press-amazingness. Hit my PR at 95lbs. Best time on the 400 was 1:29... at which point the asthma kicked my behind! And 33 KB snatches with 25 lbs. Great job 6 am! Ali.. hope you enjoyed the 6 am ridiculousness.
  3. lindsay hill Reply
    lori you are my (s)hero...85 lbs for push press, 1:45 best sprint, 39 kb snatches 25 lbs...
  4. Ali Y Reply
    Love the ridiculousness! Nothing else could get me up at 5:45. See you 6:15ers tomorrow.
  5. Sarah D Reply
    Hey everyone! Check out the affiliate blog ( CrossFit Durham's new gym is highlighted on today's page. That's our gym... CrossFit Durham rocks.
  6. Chad Edwards Reply
    Way to get on the affiliate page guys! Nice! 1:21.42 1:21.29 1:18.88 1:25.71
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Hey Durham Gang Looking forward to getting back in there tomorrow with you all!
  7. Sarah D Reply
    Hey Dave, been missing you here in Durham. Great to know that you'll be back. Can't wait to see you at CrossFit tomorrow!

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