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The Weight of the World On Your Shoulders

Our next Foundations Class starts tonight at 7pm.  Click here to learn more and here to sign up. 

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Tuesday 090331

Shoulder Press
Push Press
Push Jerk (or Split Jerk)

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  1. Greg Reply
    For the 0615 crew -- good work this morning. For everyone else; this WOD is intentionally designed in reverse order (i.e. you are starting w/ low reps and gradually increasing reps as you move to the jerk). Consequently, you'll find you won't be able to go as heavy as you progress toward the jerk.
  2. Lori F Reply
    Tough shoulder day, for sure! 6:15am class rocked it, though... nice work, everyone! I'm happy finally have some company, other than Greg!
  3. Dave Rubin Reply
    Hey, where's all the comments?? Welcome to our newest Foundations members, Lovie and Dan!

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