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These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

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Muscle Ups
Take 20-30 minutes and work on improving your Muscle Up skills
5 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
15 Overhead Squats (95/65)

Post Metcon Time to Comments
This is a CrossFit Benchmark WOD.  Scale the OHS load to ensure proper movement execution.   

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CrossFit “Nancy”!

  1. Doug Reply
    Running Running Running. I like it, I feel like with doing 1 Endurance WOD a week, and a few days of running in the Normal WOD's, I'm getting enough running in I don't think I had ever done Nancy before, Paul and I went neck and neck for nearly the entire workout, but he beat me as his OHS's are better than mine... 13:43 RX with a few REALLY ugly OHS's.
  2. charlie Reply
    13:36 Rx Was gonna take today off, but couldn't do so knowing this was the workout. Oh, and Ashley, I would like to direct your attention to the video evidence clearly showing the use of weight racks. Meanie made us do it from the floor.
  3. Lori F Reply
    It's scary when OHS are a break... at least in my mind! 16:16 RX. From the rack, Charlie! ;-)
  4. Mike K. Reply
    I. still. hate. running. 16:36 RX on the WOD did 30 Muscle-Ups for time prior...11:47
  5. jonathan d Reply
    i'm not very good at either of the 2 elements in today's wod so it's good we're doing them. 18:47 Rx. and charlie...racks should almost never be used in wods. just because someone uses one in a video doesn't make it right, it just makes it easier.
  6. Ashley Reply
    Nice work 8:30 and 11:30 classes. I am noticing lots of improvement in the OHS. It's a constant fight to keep those shoulders up and the core tight, just like it's a fight to keep elbows up in heavy front squats. And Charlie, thank you for the head's up, but it's a given in my class that we never go from the racks unless I have been given specific instructions to do so from Dave. Great job on the WOD... you seemed to manage going from the ground just fine! ;)
  7. shayne Reply
    agree w/jonathan d on the rack issue. i asked jack this morning if we could use a rack, and he asked me why. when my answer was 'to make it easier' i realized how silly of a question that was, then i did them all from the ground. 17:55 w/45# OHS (heavier than i've ever done in a WOD). my running was unimpressive but i will get better at it. goal for november: get better at running so i can stop hating on it. hopefully one endurance WOD a week will help get me there. 6:15am crew did a great job! this was more fun than i thought it was going to be. thanks to stew, renee & will for helping me power through the last round of OHS unbroken - y'all rock.
  8. Paul Reply
    I need a lot of work on my muscle-ups. I'm going to start trying to work in a few before or after class. 13:36 RX on Nancy and I wouldn't have been able to push myself so hard if Doug and I weren't neck and neck. Pretty amazing that Charlie and I had the same time.
  9. Charlie Reply
    Mind you, I was just bitching for the sake of making noise and we all obviously did just fine. However, the logic being used by you guys is suspect. Just because it's harder doesn't mean that's how it needs to be done. Nor is it cheating to not needlessly make the workout harder. Is it cheating to not use a 25 lb vest for or go chest to bar for Fran? It's certainly easier not to. But Fran is thrusters and pull-ups. So, Jonathon and Ashley, it's cool if that's how you want to roll, but the absolute nature of your argument is not necc. founded. Sure, just because it's in the video doesn't mean it's law. However, surely you must have something besides, "because that's how it is" to refute this evidence. The workout is not 400 meter run, then a power snatch, then 15 OHS. It's a run then 15 OHS.
  10. Ashley Reply
    Charlie, in my class racks aren't used. The end. :)
  11. Bill Reply
    For my part, more power to anyone who chooses to use a rack. I'm pretty sure they'll work plenty hard regardless. If the coach wants to set the bar for Rx or whatever by saying "no rack", that's cool too. Finally, while I tend to share Charlie's general skepticism for "because that's how it is" type of arguments, I think it's worth mentioning that the bar has to get up into OHS position somehow. Whether it's through a power snatch, full snatch (as I recall Ashley nicely strategized for that 3-3-3-3+200m wod a short while ago), or from a variety of press options from the rack, a bit of extra work beyond the strictest 400m +15OHS is going to be done regardless. Unless, of course, someone would actually require the bar be pleasantly deposited into their waiting, already formed OHS position...right *griN*
  12. Ashley Reply
    I wasn't going to get into this conversation, but apparently my answer just doesn't cut it. I wouldn't shame someone from using a rack or even go as far to tell them they weren't RX. However, I prefer no racks b/c it makes you work harder and working harder lends itself to you becoming more fit. I really don't see why working harder is suddenly a problem. THIS_IS_CROSSFIT. If you don't like it, don't come to the 8:30 or 11:30 classes on Mon, Tues, Wed, or Fri. If you want easy, join laughing yoga.
  13. Charlie Reply
    Now Ashley, you are completely missing the point. And need I remind you that I did start each set from the ground and even "rested" with the bar locked out above my head when I needed to. Regardless, this is not about you not being able to make the call in your class, nor will it ever prevent me from showing up to your class. Frankly, it is about the arrogant level of certitude that you and Jonathon are copping with regards to "how it is supposed to be done." Heck, we run our 400s on a hill because that's where the gym is. However, does that mean that CrossFit local cheats because their 400 is essentially flat and, for that matter, a loop as opposed to an out and back? It is certainly "easier". The argument, "It's supposed to be hard, it's CrossFit" is a very thin argument indeed because, as I mentioned above, it opens up the door to any number of things to arbitrarily make it harder. Like the weight vests and chest to bar bit on Fran. Fran shouldn't be easy, so why should anyone take the short cut of not wearing a vest or merely bringing their chin to the bar? I mean, "it's not supposed to be easy, it's CrossFit". Why? Because it's a benchmark workout, so maybe there needs to be some standard. And that standard doesn't actually have to be to make every move as hard as you can. I mean, why stop at 5 rounds? That's so much easier than going 6 and going 6 is bound to make you more fit. Ashley, I'm sure you know me well enough by now given our go-arounds on Facebook regarding religion, that I'm simply a fan of a good debate. It is not my intention to tell you what you should and shouldn't do. Rather, to call someone out on what I think is a rather shoddy argument.
  14. Ashley Reply
    I recall very clearly that you did not go from a rack today. I mentioned in a posting earlier that you did a good job as well. I do not prefer racks in my class. If anyone chooses to disagree with me that's perfectly cool b/c I honestly think this is silly. I also don't mind being called arrogant. I've been called much worse and "arrogant" doesn't hurt these bones. Sooooooooo, no racks in my class during WODs. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)
  15. jonathan d Reply
    charlie, this isn't an issue of scaling, like you mentioned wearing a vest or doing more rounds, etc. this is more a matter of convenience. it would be more convenient for me on fran to take my weight from a rack to do my thrusters. but we don't take it from the rack, we take it from the floor. this is my opinion, so do with it what you like...racks are there to support a lift. if you can pick it up from the ground to do the work, then do it. if you need a rack to complete the work, use a rack. and while the argument of 'this is crossfit, it's supposed to be hard' isn't air tight...well, this is crossfit, it's supposed to be hard. most people who don't do it, don't do it because it's hard.
  16. Brad Reply
    "What dire Offence from am'rous Causes springs, What mighty Contests rise from trivial Things, I sing — This Verse to C——, Muse! is due; This, ev'n Belinda may vouchfafe to view: Slight is the Subject, but not so the Praise, If She inspire, and He approve my Lays. Say what strange Motive, Goddess! cou'd compel A well-bred Lord t'assault a gentle Belle? Oh say what stranger Cause, yet unexplor'd, Cou'd make a gentle Belle reject a Lord? And dwells such Rage in softest Bosoms then? And lodge such daring Souls in Little Men?"
  17. The Incredible Hulk Reply
  18. Ashley Reply
    It was brought to my attention by someone whom really admire that my post earlier was harsh and intimidating. For that I'm sorry and I hope you all know I'm for people of ALL levels doing CrossFit. CrossFit is for everyone and I truly believe that. In no way do I disapprove of scaling when it is necessary, so please don't think if you come to my class I won't allow you to drop weight or scale movements. That would simply be poor coaching. My husband is much more tactful that I am. I fully support and agree with everything he said. I think he knows exactly where I am coming from and shares the same frustrations I have. Basically, if you can do the work, do it. Don't look for an easier route. However, please do not take this and interpret anything I've said like I am against scaling! I want my classes to be fun and encouraging, which I believe they are. I also expect for everyone to work their butts off in my class, which they always do. I hold you all to a high standard because I expect a lot from you and that's only because I know you're all capable of doing great things!
  19. Doug Reply
    Hmmmmmm... I think the Hulk is Phil... He has been looking extra swole recently.. The owner of the gym and several of the trainers made the racks off limits if you want RX. I think it is a closed case. CTB pull ups, hand release push ups, and things of that nature have been up for debate pertaining to RX, and the answer for that is that you don't have to do them to be RX, but don't be surprised if you have to do them in comp. Tape on the pull up bars is probably another RX question, what will count in competition? I too love a good argument, especially one that where I start to make things up to win, but the racks are off limits if you want RX. In OUR gym, the guys in the video would not have had RX. I think it is that simple. I like that the racks are off limits as it gives you incentive not to put the weight down.
    • Dave Reply
      I intended to post to do the OHS without the use of a rack, but forgot when I posted the WOD. Sorry if it caused any undue stress. Judging by the size of the 5, 6, and 7pm WODs, using the racks would've been a moot point, cuz there were so many of you! NICE WORK EVERYONE! Some pretty impressive scores on the board today! And welcome to our newest Foundations Crew....Jay, Neill, Jeff, David, Jason, Jennifer, and Ben!
  20. Recovering Runner, Paul Reply
    I attended level 1 cert this weekend, and left feeling energized and motivated. I'll say it again: there are no better people than CrossFit people. My biggest takeaway was the importance of focusing first on form, then on consistency, and finally on intensity. My biggest weakness is form, particularly with lifting. (Anyone who has seen me lift knows this to be true.) I thus wanted to focus on OHS form and knew I had to go light. I added 2, 5 lb weights to the 45 bar. Yes, 10 lb less than Rx for women. At Stew's previous suggestion, I placed plates below my heels. Just before the workout began, Stew looked me in the eye and said, "Wear a weight vest." It wasn't a suggestion, and I knew it was futile to argue. Stew is smart. There, I said it. Given my running ability, he knew the added weight would present more of a challenge. Jack ensured that that vest would not interfere with OHS. In essence I was lifting 75 lb, but a mere 55 overhead. The OHS were very challenging, and I had to break into sets of 5 during the last 3 rounds. Oddly enough, the running still felt too easy, and while running the 2nd round I thought that I should've carried a sandbag, too. Sooooo... OHS were not Rx, running was Rx+. I am not going to add and divide by 2. Why? Because quite frankly I just don't care. I'll be the first to admit that I'm competitive. I do take pleasure in writing Rx on the wall. I like that fact that I'm getting more fit. Most importantly, I like the camaraderie of the CFD community, particularly the 6:15 group. Whew, Paul spewed. I'll leave it up to each of you to determine the purpose of my ranting. P.S. Pauleo diet starts tomorrow. Who's in? 14:56
  21. Ashley Reply
    Paul, I think I might be in! I need to go to the grocery store though, so I probably won't be 100% "in" until Friday b/c I won't have a chance to go to the grocery store until then. Oh wait! I'm going to Dos Perros Saturday night for a late b-day dinner with Jonathan and my parents. Can I Pauleo Mexican????? That might have to be my 1 predetermined screw up dinner.
  22. Mike K. Reply
    Wow, I never thought reading the comments could ever get under my skin as much as the ones today. SERIOUSLY. REALLY. Was all the bitching really necessary? Charlie, your example of Fran makes no sense. Actually, most of your "points" regarding making things harder got a little carried away and IMO are not relevant. Here's another thought based on your other pointless rambling. Should we be allowed to start in the rack since Fran is "not a clean into a thruster"?
  23. Mats Reply
    I like Paul's attitude. 16:21, Rx. I did this WOD in July or August, but with a mere 65 lb OH squats. My time then was 15:33. So I added 30 lb to the OH squats and my time only went up by 0:48.
    • Dave Reply
      Mats, nice work. 30lbs is A LOT more weight. It's tough to speed up the 400's significantly.
  24. Mats Reply
    And my OH squats were from the ground
  25. charlie Reply
    I was going to drop this but apparently need to make myself clear enough for Mike to understand. Honestly, my issue is not with Ashley or Dave saying, "At CrossFit Durham, we don't use racks unless they're absolutely needed." That's really enough, and had it been left there, that would be fine. But it wasn't. Jonathan continued with "racks should almost never be used in WODs" and Ashley went into her, "It's not supposed to be easy. If you want easy, do yoga" shtick. So, at that point they were actually trying to make a qualitative argument and drawing a random line in the sand about what is and isn't an acceptable short cut. Not here, not in her class, but in general. And that's where the logic fails. Because, ultimately, the only thing that matters is that everyone who is putting their time up with Rx next to it is doing the same thing. The argument that, "when in doubt, do it the hardest way because CrossFit is supposed to be hard", simply does not hold water because it's not a rule that we always follow. See, there are all sorts of acceptable "short cuts" that we take. Grace is described as 30 clean and jerk for time. It doesn't say "power clean", it says clean. As a point of reference, I would like to show you the following video on the CF main site on what a "clean & jerk" is. Note the full squat. However, for this WOD, it's been decided that you don't have to go into a full squat. Probably because people want to get the fastest time they can and don't want to waste any time going into a squat. So, the line was drawn there, even though it's less work to not go all the way down into a squat. So, there you go. I could point out others, but it only takes one example to dispel the absolute nature of the argument. In other words, we always do it the harder way, except when we don't.
  26. shayne Reply
    awesome, Mats!!
  27. Phil "Not so Yoke" Bost Reply
    My wish is that all class times would be held to the same arbitrary standard so these back & forths would be reserved for more important topics like my increasing yoke. Please refer to comment #19.
  28. Tom Amenta Reply
    I read a lot of this yesterday, gave myself a day to think about it and I still have to ask this of anyone who is/was debating the rack/no rack stuff: why are you doing crossfit? I do this for me to be fit and in the event I ever could possibly go overseas again I won't be a liablity to my team and my men. I do it because I train 100's of soldiers every year to step out from behind cover and concealment while wearing 65-115lbs of combat kit (potentially at alttiudes exceeding 10,000ft), close distance and kill someone, and you have to be extremely fit to do that. I do it because I always want to be seen as an example of what right looks like by those men and women. And I do it to compete with my friends in the gym and against myself. I do it for me. I never do push ups "RX" with the hand release, it'd be retarded for me because I have over a decade of muscle memory built up from the Army and doing push ups to my arms only breaking a 90 degree plane affects my potental for promotion, I'm not changing that. It's bad business for me personally. I hate double unders, I don't give a rats butt what anyone thinks about my general dislike or apathy towards double unders. I think there are more effective ways to build explosive strength for my legs. On the other side of the coin I wear a vest as much or more than anyone else in the gym, consistantly scale up and often go the lengths of wearing a pro-mask to train, and am always down for a Bill/Jack/Tom "let's scale up!" bout of stupidity. Those things fulfill why I work out. Allison and I have had many many conversations about this. The single biggest fight her and I have ever been in was over the idea of what is "correct inside the crossfit system" (yes, seriously). At the end of the day, unless your goal in life is to compete in the crossfit games, who gives a fuck? What do you want out of your work out, what do you want to accomplish? At the end of the day you are staring you in the mirror and can you look at yourself and say you are happy with your results? If yes, rock on! If no, that's on you and you need to fix that and get right for you. I work out in a way I know that will maximze me not being a liablility to my fellow soldier's if I'm ever back on that day. If you disagree, that's cool, that's your opinion. But at the end of the day you won't be in the stack with me, just like I won't be pulling your bar from the floor at the crossfit games or running your ultra marathon or throwing your hammer in the highland games. Do you. Let others do them and if you're not sure what you need to accomplish your goals, ask questions. Easy day.
  29. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    Tom, not sure what your post has to do with my yoke...
  30. Charlie Reply
    Tom, with all due respect. Though I understand that there is a strong connection between CrossFit and the military, many of us have less "dire" needs to maintain our fitness and just get off on CrossFit for CrossFit sake. I am aware of the rather bizarre culture that surrounds it even as I willingly subscribe to it. For me, it's because I work a ton and have found this to be the best way to maintain top fitness given my time constraints. Along the way, I just happened to learn that I was pretty good at many of the elements and have gotten a rush from competition. I love competition. Whether I win or lose, I love to compete and I know I'm not alone in that regard. Like Lombardi says, it's why we keep score. Sure, we're all ultimately trying to best ourselves, but it's not like we're not paying attention to the dude who's two reps in front of us or behind us. It irritates the hell out of me that I can't do double unders because I know that, unlike, say a muscle up, it's not a matter of me not being strong enough, it's me not having taken the time to do it right. I hope to nail both, but I'm particularly annoyed about the double under bit because I know there's just no excuse. It's a flaw that is too easy to fix for me not to have done so already. Frankly, that same competitive streak causes me to call bullshit when I hear an argument that I think is hollow thrown at me. And that, only that, has caused me to spar here. Just like so many threads on Facebook or any number of other forums. It's fun, it's competitive, it's engaging. That's really all.
  31. Tom Amenta Reply
    Charlie, Dude I am totally with you on just about everything you just said. I have the same constraints. Like you I work for myself 70+ hours a week (in fact I'm aobut ot get on a plane to San Antonio for work). I love it for all those reasons too. My issues are probably are a lot of yours with if an arugment holds water or not. What I always point out is the difference between a clean and a pull up. For a power clean there is a right way and a lot of wrong ways to do them. If you take the top ten experts on how to do the movement they are going to agree on 90% or more of it. Maybe a pick and prod on feet positioning or grip but in the end how you move through it they will be aligned, it's an easy standard. Pull ups are not like that. Outside of getting your body from a hanging position to a not hanging position opinions are like assholes: everyone has one and unless it's yours the opinion stinks. And I think people get way too wrapped up in it, I think people need to focus more on what they are doing and why. Competing is critical, I TOTALLY agree. But if we are all so wrapped up in chin over a bar or chest to bar for pull ups, with chest to deck vs 90 degrees for push ups I think people are missing why you get into it in the first place, for yourself. If you ever see Jack, Bill and I at 6pm there are 2-3 times a month where one of us throws a crazy absurd spin on a wod out there and the next thing you know we're all racing to see who can finish first, but that's us all mutually deciding we're going to compete under that set of rules. If there isn't really a "rule" or if people need to adapt based on something that is better and more functional for them and people are fighitng about it, I think they're being petty and forgetting what's important, focusing on their personal goals and asperations and that personal accountability. I have nothing but respect for Allison, she's helped me progess so much as an ahtlete and even more as a person in general. That didn't stop me from telling her I thought she was out of her mind to judge everything she does by what they did at the crossfit games that year when we talked. Personally, I think some of the arbitary standards/controls they emplace (I'm especailly looking at you handstand push ups) defeat the reason for the exercise in the first place. So I do me, proudly. Make sense?

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