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Three Minutes Ain't Long

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Back Squat 
In three minutes complete as much as possible of:
15 Ring Rows
25 Push Ups
35 Anchored Situps
45 Squats

Rest for 1 minute following each 3 minute cycle, whether you finished everything or not.  Start the next round where you left off the previous round.  Repeat for a total of 4 rounds.  The entire workout, with rest periods, will total 15 minutes.   

Post Number of Rounds to Comments  

Why Exercise Does Not Make You Thin
Being A Little Overweight

**Survey Question Of The Day**
What is your favorite olympic lift?  Clean and Jerk or Snatch? And why?  Post answers to comments. 

Allison Betof, aka, Kipmaster B, showing off handstand skills in the mountains of Colorado!IMG_0967

  1. Jay B Reply
    Kudos on the article links you guys. Everyone who does CrossFit should read "the Art of Living" by Epictetus in The modern translation by Sharon Lebell. It will give you a practical, easy-to-follow guide to Stoic philosophy. Stop watching UFC and pick up this book.
  2. Jessica Reply
    Jay-YES! Epictetus rocks. Also Marcus Aurelius (if you prefer your Stoicism in the emperor package, rather than the slave). 95% of what one needs to know to be mentally and physically fit and resilient is already there in antiquity. Hippocrates on diet/nutrition is also fascinating, and spot on.--Jessica W.
  3. Mark Reply
    The celebrity BMI calculator in the third article is awesome. My celebrity BMI is Lebron James.
  4. chris t Reply
  5. Sarah D Reply
    My favorite? C'mon now... the Snatch. Did anyone have a doubt? Jerking is high on my list, of course. But the Snatch is where it's at ;) I haven't done the WOD yet today. I came in this morning and worked on squats. No PRs. Hit 180x5, but then dropped weight way down to work on getting solid form at high reps. Will be doing the WOD this evening.
  6. chris t Reply
    i just read the second article... kudos indeed. There is a decent article on exercise and nutrition in this month's TIME.
  7. Tripp Reply
    I have a lot of respect for Epictetus but his ideas about eternal recurrence and predestination don't sit well with me. Am I really condemned to live my life in the same way over and over again for all eternity? God, I hope not. That means I'll have to sit through When Harry met Sally again. UGH! I'd rather have the freedom to do Angie continuously for all eternity or let Brock Lesnar pound me in the face for 15 minutes.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Back Squats 230x5 for three sets Made up my own WOD since I was alone 5 Rounds for Time 7 Push Jerks -- 21 Abmat Situps 8:04 I purposely programmed the weight and the reps so that I could go without stopping to keep power output as high as possible
  8. Shane F Reply
    Up to 5x 280(PR) for the Back Squat. WOD: 4.75 rds + 5 squats I vote snatch because I think its harder to master and is a beautiful balance of power, strength, flexibility, coordination/agility, accuracy and balance. What a combo in one lift!
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Shane, you forgot speed :) and done "Isabel"-style, you can get endurance and stamina too!
  9. B. Kiddo Reply
    I like the sumo dead lift high pull. I also like When Harry Met Sally; but to each his own. On the other end of the spectrum, I do not like over head squats an Napoleon Dynamite.
  10. Jay B Reply
    What happened to the 6:15 crew? It was2 of us today..(go Shane, ur my new back squat hero!) ...that means Greg stares at you the WHOLE time saying things like "no resting!"...geez.
  11. Jay B Reply
    Oh, and Tripp: eternal recurrence is the idea of the soul's immutable force, and bringing what you have with you every time. And if you'd followed Eppy's advice to "eschew popular entertainments" you'd have never watched WHMS in the first place.
  12. lindsay hill Reply
    I like the clean but not the jerk, so by default snatch wins...but power snatch i have yet to quite catch my balance with the squat snatch. John stole my car today so I couldn't make it to class..which sucks cause I will only be able to make it in one day this week, but i took stew's class at our gym as a still sucked, tabata squats held at the bottom followed by a run.
  13. Matt H Reply
    Favorite Olympic Lift.......I'd say Snatch because I'm better at that than cleans but thats not saying much. My clean is more of a modified reverse curl and my snatch is coming along a little better....sort of....I'll gladly take deadlift, back squat or shoulder press any day... back squats: 1. 275 x 5 2. 285 x 3 3. 275 x 5 wod: 5 fulls rounds + rings rows, pushups and 30 GHD situps did GHD for 4 rounds and did one set of anchored situps somewhere in there this wod kicked ass
  14. cke Reply
    Great picture Allison! J- link below
  15. Sarah D Reply
    This WOD strangely didn't kick my ass like I thought it would. It was good, but for some reason I didn't feel wiped out after it... ? I can't figure that one out. Maybe I just had more speedy energy today than usual? Did 4.75 Rounds + 10 squats. Full range of motion on all movements.
  16. Tripp Reply
    Jay, I think that that is actually a sub-point though not entirely an irrelevant one. I was referring more generally to the idea that the universe has been recurring and will continue to recur in the same form eternally. My problem with Epictetus, and Stoicism in general, is that I think this idea is based on a metaphysical fallacy--a false dichotomy between appearance and reality. That does not mean, as I said before, that I do not respect Stoic philosophy and I agree with you that everyone should read the Art of Living. There is much to be gleaned from this text, though I would prefer that everyone read it in Greek. And you are right that if I followed E's advice I would have eschewed "popular entertainments”, but that was my point exactly. I do not follow Stoic doctrine. If I had then I would have never had to suffer through such a terrible movie. But, alas, the things we do for the opposite sex! I just don't see any reason why one cannot both read Epictetus AND watch UFC or WHMS. Did Socrates, after all, not go to the Olympic games? Did Plato not win twice at the Olympics in pankration, a.k.a. mixed martial arts? I sincerely appreciate your book recommendation and I hope others take you up on this challenge. And I would like to continue this conversation, but perhaps this is not the best venue. Maybe we should get a beer sometime and work out the details.
  17. Becky N Reply
    Thanks Greg for all the help on my back squat I really appreciated that. This WOD wasn't great for me. 15 push-ups into it my shoulder started popping and I lost power in my right arm so I did the WOD without pushups. My shoulder has been hurting since last week and I think I am just going to have to lay off shoulder work for a while :(
  18. Sarah D Reply
    I want to give a shout out to Greg too for helping me with my back squats. I think my form is slowly but surely getting better. Thanks Greg. I really appreciate the help!
  19. mandy j. Reply
    awww jay, why do you have to hate on the ufc!? c'mon now!

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