Three Years Til London -- WOD for 090720 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
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Three Years Til London


 Thanks to everyone who came out to the OLY SEMINAR yesterday!  Pics coming soon!

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Monday 090720
Complete 20, including warmups, full squat snatches using the heaviest weight possible with good form.  
AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
20 DB Thrusters (35/22)
Row 500m

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Becky T gettin some Snatches at yesterday’s Oly Seminar!
becky snatch landing

  1. B. Kiddo Reply
    Why did you decide to go with this photo and not the one of Sarah D on the lily pad?
  2. Michael Towne Reply
    when you find a girl that invites you to a weightlifting seminar, it's probably a keeper. my girlfriend rules.
  3. Michael Towne Reply
    sarah was on the games site today... awesome pic too:
  4. Basil Reply
    I'm waiting for Sarah's video on the crossfit mainsite. I have noticed they have started posting a few of the other girls.
  5. Sarah D Reply
    Bea, the lily pad pic is the bomb! Absolutely love it. When I saw it, it made me feel like I was an Alice in Wonderland sort of a place. I guess it would be called Dunsey in Snatchland? Hmmm...
  6. Shane F Reply
    Good seminar yesterday, my shoulders were screaming. Thanks to Tripp & Oly for the challenge upping the weight. Nice to get right back in the saddle this morning w/ more snatches but I was a bit tired. 20 rep ladder ended in 105#. WOD Rx: 3 rds + 20 Thrusters + 350m row. I am smoked.
  7. Sarah D Reply
    Hold on... is it me, or is this workout strikingly similar to yesterday's workout? Just curious as to why a couplet of KB thrusters + a metabolic sprint are followed the next day by a couplet of DB thrusters + metabolic sprint?
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Bea -- I thought people would think it was key lime pie : ) j/k -- stay tuned : ) Sarah -- constantly varied, almost random. though unusual, this combo would fit that definition
  8. Lori F Reply
    Liked the snatch work today - Rachel and I focused on form only. Got to 65lbs and was happy with that. The WOD was tough - i did 3 rounds plus ~1:30mins of rowing.
  9. Shane F Reply
    About a year and a half ago the CF main page WOD was "Run 10K" for two days straight. :)
  10. Sarah D Reply
    Dave, we may need to have a more extensive friendly debate on the side about this one ;) But what the hay, this is a good community forum for discussion... As for the definition of CrossFit, it is "constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity." I agree that it should be constantly varied. I would hesitate to confuse "constantly varied" with "random" though. I would have to argue that while CrossFit programming strives to achieve the goal of being "constantly varied," I don't think it encourages us to do that in a random way. All in all, I was mostly wondering whether or not you all had a master plan about linking those two workouts together, programatically speaking. If so, I'd love to get on board. If not, I my thrusting muscles may need a healthy breather.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      If you look back in some of the older CF Journal stuff, they will use the phrase "constantly varied, almost random". Obviously the only way to be totally random would be to put every possible WOD imagineable into the hopper and spin it to get a WOD out everyday. Programming as a whole is never totally random because if it was then you could conceivably have two exact WODs back to back, like the ones Shane mentioned, or similar like these two. Was there a specifi programming reason for yesterday and today? No. But it certainly is a play on "unkown, and unknowable", don't you think? what if instead it was two days in a row of "Fran"....or any of the other benchmarks? "Constantly varied" can and should mean many things: different wods from day to day, different time domains, different intensity levels, different elements within a single wod, varying time of day, varying amount of rest before a wod, varying the number of wods in a day or a time period, varying the amount/make up of food before a wod, varying the temperature/humidity, varying the order of a wod (ie, pullups and then thrusters "Fran") Lastly, consider that we program workouts 7 days a week, though typically, at most, CF calls for not more than 6 days out of 7. Out of nearly 100 athletes in our ranks now, fewer than 12 participated in Sunday's WOD. For those who did, come in and get some serious Snatch work in today and leave the metcon aside if you choose. There will be another smoker tomorrow I'm sure ;)
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Here are just a couple of links with the "almost" or "if not random" definitions of "What Is CrossFit" (CF Journal, "Foundations", April 1, 2002) Routines There is no ideal routine! In fact, the chief value of any routine lies in abandoning it for another. The CrossFit ideal is to train for any contingency. The obvious implication is that this is possible only if there is a tremendously varied, if not randomized, quality to the breadth of stimulus. It is in this sense that the CrossFit Program is a core strength and conditioning program. Anything else is sport specific training not core strength and conditioning. What Is CrossFit? CrossFit is exactly that: crossing various exercises to maximize one's workout. Created by Greg Glassman, a coach and former gymnast, CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program. The philosophy is to keep workouts varied, almost random. The founder, Greg Glassman, nicely summarizes the CrossFit approach as a strength and conditioning program built on constantly varied, if not randomized, functional and scalable movements executed at high intensity.
      • Dave Rubin Reply
        If anyone who did WOD yesterday is "thrustered" out, you can easily sub a different non-overhead movement into today's jumps, double kettlebell cleans, dumbbell split cleans to name a few. if you were planning to wod today still come in tonight and I'll make sure we coming up with something good for you :)
  11. mandy j. Reply
    the seminar was the sh*t!
  12. Matt H Reply
    4 rounds even.....finished the row with seconds to spare.....subbed 400 for one of the rowing rounds since the rowers were full liked the snatch variation.....didn't keep track of the weight, was more concerned with form
  13. Naomi Reply
    3.5 rounds with 15# DB and 25 SDHP since rowers were all in use. One day, I will snatch properly, darn it! 45# max - really need to work on form!
  14. lindsay hill Reply
    Today's workout was kinda rough...I went to 63 on snatches (enjoying the new bars) and did 3 rounds with just fifteen seconds to spare for the wod...
  15. Dave Rubin Reply
    Great work from everyone tonight! What a turnout...19 people at 6pm!! thanks to everyone for working hard, working together, and being patient as we got everyone through. Remember, that tomorrow (Tuesday) and Thursday night there is a regular WOD scheduled at 7pm!
  16. john hill Reply
    got up to 170 on the snatches, did 2.5 rounds on the wod. most importantly you can count the hill family in for the mud run

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