Thrusting and Pulling Heavy Things -- WOD for 090825 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
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Thrusting and Pulling Heavy Things

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WOD for Tuesday 090825Today’s Schedule — Click Here
Back Squat
Warmup:  3-2-2
Work:  3-3-3 
12-9-6-3 Rep Rounds For Time of:
Kettlebell Thrusters (52/35)

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This WOD should be completed RX’d in 5-7 minutes.  Loads and pullups should be scaled as necessary to allow you to finish within this time frame and maximize power output.

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Young Women Consistently Exercise Less Than Young Men

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Congratulations to Patrick Lake (pictured) and Brandon Hough who graduated  U.S. Army OCS this weekend!

  1. chris t Reply
    Which option did Lake and Hough take? What was the School like? I'm going in January, any help is great for a fellow Candidate.. gentlemen.
  2. lindsay hill Reply
    Greg is right....kb thrusters are probably my least favorite exercise...but I knew that going in to this. I finished in around 6:50 or so, I don't remember writing down my time...
  3. Sarah D Reply
    I love the CrossFit Journal. So much good information there for so cheap! Great WOD today. Used 35lb KBs... whew, those are brutal! I also went ahead and made the pullups Chest-to-Bar. I think it makes a significant difference in difficulty, energy output, and time. They were tough after those thrusters. Finished in 3:18. I love working out in the morning.
  4. B. Kiddo Reply
    The article on weight loss (this one and the one it referances) is silly. Fat loss is simple math. If you are eating exactly the same and up your exercise you will do one of 3 things: loose weight, stop gaining weight, or slow your weight gain. You will not continue to gain at the same pace you were when you sat on your couch and did nothing. The assumption that your calorie intake will go up with the start of an exercise program is just stupid. Of course if you diet too you will loose more fat. It is simple, you must take in 3500 calories above what you are burrning to gain a lb of fat. Just don't eat more than you burn and you will be fine.
  5. Lori F Reply
    I shoulda done 35lbs KBs! Did this in 4:40 with 30lb-ers. the pullups kill me, as usual...
  6. Jeff Reply
    I used 44lb KBs, 5:45.
  7. Matt H Reply
    stayed at 265 for squats x 3 wod: did 44#, trying to heal for my race on sunday. Between my left wrist, shoulders and lower back I think 52 would have been asking for some sort of injury. So, since I slacked on the weight, I did the wod twice.....2.44 first time and 4.23 second time.....My arms and legs are still shaking...beat down! I don't have a subscription to the crossfit journal....don't have a good reason why
  8. Roseanne Reply
    Amazing! Its actually awesome paragraph, I have got much clear idea concerning from his piece of writing.
  9. Nicholas Reply
    Reallly no matter iff someone doesn't understand afterward iits up to other people tyat they will assist, so here it occurs.

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