Thursday Night Fights -- WOD for 050610 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
410 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 907-1233

Thursday Night Fights

Tonight from 6-9pm!  
Extra spots are open to attend!

There is NO ENDURANCE WOD tonight due to the Whole 9 Seminar!
There will be NO Regular WOD at 6pm or 7pm,
but the gym will be open for you to do the WOD on your own!

WOD for Thursday 050610 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
“Fight Gone Bad”
During Three 5-minute Rounds complete as many reps as possible in 1-minute at each station. 
Wall Ball (20/12)

Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Box Jumps
Push Press
Row (for calories) 

Post Number of Reps to Comments
Today’s strength segment is designed to allow you to perform 12 properly executed Hang Power Cleans.  All reps should begin in one of the Hang Positions and be received in the Power (partial squat) position.  Rest just enough between reps to be able to execute the next one without failing.  If you’re unsure about your technique or ability to perform a given rep safely at the posted %, then use common sense and good judgement.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.         

There is NO ENDURANCE WOD tonight!

Upcoming FOUNDATIONS Classes
Starting May 11th (Tues/Thurs @7pm)
Starting June 1st (Tues/Thurs @7pm)

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  1. Phil B Reply
    Epic WOD is epic.
  2. Allison B. Reply
    I have a serious love/hate relationship with FGB. Since I didn't get to do Weds' WOD and I've done several longer ones this week, I will probably do that one on Thurs, but FGB needs to happen in the forseeable future. Today, before doing a crap ton of OHS, rowing, and muscle ups, I worked on some skills. I got 51 consecutive double unders and strung together 3 muscle ups.. both PRs. Was pretty happy about that. Great job to all of you who killed the WOD today. Can't wait to see some serious ass kicking of FGB.
  3. Melinda Reply
    Ash, Lori and Jarrod - thank you for letting me know you were interested in the Row thing. I'm going to see if I can't ask if they would be willing to do a course for a group of us and when they might be able to do it. I think Holly mentioned there might be interest in that. If not, I'll get more info on the July one and keep you all posted. Yay! P.S. Totally bummed about missing FGB. Open gym worthy fo sho. Anyone interested in doing this with me on Sat? P.S.S. However, totally pumped about Whole9!
  4. Renee Reply
    Congrats Lori on absolutely killing FGB this morning with a score of 301!
  5. Lori F Reply
    Renee - we ALL kicked butt on FGB! Hat's off to the 6:15 class...
  6. Ashley D Reply
    everyone did so great at fgb today. i watched the 11:30 class b/c i did fran right before that and i coached the 5:30 class. i totally have a sore voice from yelling so much during the 5:30 class too. haha. :) yay for cheering during fgb and not doing fgb! my wod today was fran and i got a pr... 4:11! yay! 4:11. i did an extra pull-up at the end too b/c i thought jonathan told me i had two more when i only really had 1 more. he said that's not what he told me. he said he asked me how many more. haha. oh well. i'm sure i had a foul pull-up in there somewhere that needed to be made-up. sprints tomorrow. joy.
  7. Ashley D Reply
    oh, ps - whole 9 was awesome! loved getting to hear dallas and melissa in person! :)
  8. Phil B Reply
    Speaking of foul pull-ups Ashley, lemme just do a quick shout-out to ultra badass Melinda who graced the 5pm class yesterday. She was on her second to last round, got her first chest-to-bar push up fine, and then the second chest-to-bar push up was probably about 90%. I would have definitely counted it and moved on and I'm a nazi about that sort of stuff. But no. Melinda has integrity out the ass. She stood up, shook her arms out, gritted her teeth, and stuck it 100%. Made my heart bust with pride. Very nice work to all the PRs today.
  9. Ashley D Reply
    melinda is awesome! :) love it!
  10. Phil B Reply
    She's my hero.

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