Time To Get Nasty -- WOD for 090520 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
410 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 907-1233

Time To Get Nasty


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Wednesday 0905020
“Nasty Girls”
3 Rounds for Time:
50 Squats
7 Muscle Ups (sub 3 pullups/3 dips)
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95) 

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Muscle Up 101

  1. lindsay hill Reply
    will the song be played??
  2. mandy j. Reply
    lindsay, i didnt want to be the one to tell you this, but no...the song is not playing. :( 8:22 rx'd on the weight, but used the black band on pullups. those hang power cleans got pretty heavy at the end. nasty indeed.
  3. Allison B Reply
    Nasty... Did 95lbs for the first round, then 65 for the other two. Kipping pullups and ring dips for all. 10:48. OUCH. Good job to all of you who knocked out the Rx weight and and the muscle ups today!!!!!
  4. lindsay Reply
    so this is my favorite crossfit video...and although i am so ridiculously sore i knew i had to come...i finished in 31:15...with 95# squat cleans and 3 band pull ups/jumping ring dips per muscle up...yet another reason to get to prescribed...maybe i could have moved quicker with the song, dont worry next time i will come prepared!
  5. Jack Reply
    check out this video (but watch the guy in the back with the mohawk!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tzb9GpU6ptM
  6. Ali Y Reply
    I honestly think I would have killed myself with a 95# clean. So needless to say I did not Rx this one. But I have graduated to the blue band so maybe this was a fair trade! Who is going to post updates on the Doughman this weekend? Those of us who aren't participating must know how it goes...
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Ali The Doughman should be over by the time the 10am class starts, so you'll have to come workout Saturday to find out the results : ) Somehow I don't think Jack will be as excited to get text updates during this event, although real time reports of who puked up what might be cool
  7. Greg Reply
    Ali et al, The Doughman will be finishing down the street from the gym at the Farmer's Market. We'll be eating Daisy Cakes for our last stop and will expect a CrossFit Durham crowd waiting on the corner.
  8. Naomi Reply
    I modified the heck out of this nasty wod, but I finished in 15:38 or something like that. 45# on the weights, used black bands for the first 21 pull-ups, then jumping for the second two rounds.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Great work by everyone tonight! Jack, determination like that is what makes CrossFit so cool! Back was still pretty tight today, so I did 30 muscle ups for time wod instead. First time with this one! 16:04 This WOD came up on the main site more than once in my first few months of CrossFit and I could never do it rx'd so I always had to do 120 pullups/120 ring dips. I was psyched to do it for real today and cross it off my "Goals for 2009" list! anyone else out there have a CrossFit goals list?
  9. Chad Edwards Reply
    14:05 as rx'd
  10. Naomi Reply
    Yes for 2009 CrossFit goals - a simple goal, really: Get to the point where I can do WODS as Rx. I know I'll get there! :D
  11. Jack Reply
    Thanks Dave. I definitely have a lot of goals.

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