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To The Max

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WOD for Tuesday 012610 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
5 reps @ 55% 1RM
5 reps @ 65% 1RM
5 reps @ 70% 1RM
5 reps @ 80% 1RM
5 reps @ 85% 1RM
3 Rounds For Max Reps:
60 seconds KB Swings (52/35)
30 seconds Rest

60 seconds Wall Ball (20/12)
30 seconds Rest
60 seconds Push Press (use 40% 1RM)
30 seconds Rest
60 seconds Abmat Situps (anchored)
30 seconds Rest

Post Loads and Number of Reps Completed to Comments
Loads should be scaled as necessary to allow for proper movement execution and to maximize power output and intensity.  

What’s your favorite cheat meal?    Post answer to comments.

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar — Sunday, February 21st
Gymnastics Seminar with Beast Skills — Saturday, March 13th
Durham Indoor Rowing Trials — Saturday, March 20th

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  1. Ashley D Reply
    a milk shake from chick-fil-a (any flavor, but their seasonal flavors are the best) and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. annnnnnd the peanut butter and jelly is best when mixed together in bowl, not spread on the sandwich separately. now i'm really excited for my next cheat day!
  2. Sara C Reply
    rare steak, gooey caramel brownies, and whiskey straight up.... though I should note, on principle, that I don't believe in "cheat" days. That would imply there is something wrong in eating the above meal, and that is irrefutably false :-D. Instead of 'cheat' days and 'diet' days, I stick with the below guideline: Eat well, eat hungry, exercise more.
  3. Matt H Reply
    Extra Large papa johns pizza with bacon, ham, chicken,extra cheese and sauce and 32 ounces of Mello Yello finished off with a pint of ben and Jerry's (Phish Food).....I'll finish it in one sitting too...its kind of disgusting to see. My diet is by far my weakest point, if I could refine that then I would probably be able to kick some ass....o well
  4. Mitchell Devastation Reply
    Two Chedder style burgers from Cookout accompanied by an Oreo shake, and as much food from Taco Bell as I can fit in my passenger seat. Stop by the grocery store on the way home, grab some Ben and Jerry's (Americone Dream). Then, take it all home and bury myself in a pile of food on the sofa while watching random terrible movies.
  5. Shane F Reply
    Cookout Oreo Shake.
    • Dave Reply
      what's this Cookout?
  6. Naomi Reply
    Beer, tequila, pizza, nachos. Then, whatever I eat the next day to kill the hangover. No good comes of this. ;)
  7. john hill Reply
    12 oz ribeye. Oreoe shake. Broccoli. Birthday cake. I know broccoli isn't cheating but it would take 12 cups to even out the carbs/proteins for The Zone.
  8. Gwen Reply
    Closing down Cosmic Cantina with quesadillas and margarita pitchers, followed by a mint oreo Cookout milkshake. Ga-ross after the fact, but amazing at the time. :) Dave, you need to experience Cookout (Hillsborough Road), but to me it's only worth it after midnight, which makes it even more gloriously disgusting.
  9. Tom Reply
    Lou Malnati's Chicago Deep Dish Pizza: Unfortunatley, I now have a nutritionist who is 4'10" of pure evil furry and I'm scared of here. So until I'm done fighting, I don't see me calling 1-800-Lou-ToGo anytime soon. :-(
  10. Tom Reply
    Fury not furry, she's short not fluffy, my bad Cole!
  11. Nemo Reply
    2 full racks of ribs with extra BBQ sauce. I'm a little guy, but I can eat... lol
  12. lindsay hill Reply
    my husband would say a vegetable as a cheat meal...we were just talking last night about how crossfit is a blessing for me, cause i think about food like a non-fit person. 30 rock had a joke about a pocket deep frier, and i mentioned that i would love one, just for quick peanut butter and jellies year round... i prefer to cheat on the salty gloriousness of fries, preferably the waffle kind from chik-fil-a, though i do enjoy a good cupcake, or doughnut. i also cannot resist good new york pizza, so i don't really have a problem with that here.
  13. Allison B Reply
    CHEESEBURGER! Apparently, my new favorite is 5 guys. I blame Bea, Rich, Sarah, and Becky for this development. Unfortunately, I now have the same nutritionist as Tom and she's scary as shit. So, I don't do a lot of cheating. Like Ashley, I'm training for the sectional so doing a bit of deviation from the programmed wods. Today was OHS. Sets of 5 at 75 lbs and then a set of 10 at 65 lbs. Metcon was: 12 min AMRAP of box jumps, DB push presses and double unders. Got 11 1/3 rounds. So good to see people posting again!
  14. Doug Reply
    Make your own milkshake is where it is at... Chocolate ice cream (full fat), whole milk, peanut butter (smooth, not chunky) and bananas. Those are soooooo good and about 8 zillion calories but always worth it. But that is dessert, start the meal off with stuffed pork chops and cheese mashed potatoes and now we are talking. In an effort to also talk about the WOD, I skipped deadlifts and did the back squats that i missed yesterday as no back squats for me for 2 weeks. Got through 295 reps on the WOD, 80 lbs on the push press which might have been a bit too much. Coming from the wall balls to the push press had my shoulders cooked and useless by the last round.
  15. Landy Reply
    Bojangles fries or tots from Dains. oh my heaven. but i'm not really much of a subscriber to the cheat meal either. i'm more of an everything in moderation kinda gal. if i go nuts on some tots, i eat more veggies the next day to make up for it. and apparently the key to getting people to post is to ask about junk food.
  16. Dave Reply
    good observation, Landy. tomorrow's question will be about favorite desserts ;)
  17. Ollie Reply
    Maggianos family style. Any dish. Followed up by cheesecake factory dessert, then a movie to digest. Preferably lots of gore so my body can process the food quickly enough to hit a late night pops back door pizza and chocolate lava cake.....and some fish oil. Then wake up and read Greg ryan's how to get ripped while studying.
  18. Dave P Reply
    1/2 lb. hamburger steak sandwich + fries from Char-Grill.
  19. Holly B Reply
    This is making me hungry... I think it would have to be a parker and otis pimento cheese sandwich, and then anything peanut butter for dessert: peanut butter pie, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter gooey butter cake, you get the picture.
  20. Jack W. Reply
    Bread....and pasta....and cheese.
  21. Naomi Reply
    Second ever Rx WOD, 55# on the push press segment. 234 reps. Not as many reps as a lot of folks, but I'm happy to be Rx for a change. :) Off to eat salmon and broccoli. Yum. :)
  22. Thomas Reply
    Dave, If there is enough interest, I would be happy to offer an all day seminar on how to cheat on diets.
  23. Sara C Reply
    Congrats on the RX Naomi :-) Also, should you need an assistant for the cheating seminar, I will be more than happy to volunteer...perhaps bring in some not-so zone friendly desserts to demonstrate with?
  24. Thomas Reply
    Very nice. We could call it "Feast Skills"
  25. Ashley D Reply
    Dave - "What's this Cookout?" Is that for real. If so you need to rush out to one ASAP. Didn't do a WOD today. Feeling a bit off so I've decided to do Filthy Fifty on Thurs instead of taking that as my usual rest day. I did work on Split Jerks though w/Allison watching my form. Need my lifting shoes to get here quickly. Mmmmmm.... Feast Skills. I'd be all over that.
  26. Naomi Reply
    I can demo drinking for time in the cheating seminar. ;)
  27. Charlie Reply
    Cheats? Sunrise biscuit kitchen chicken biscuit Potato chips Dry roasted peanuts WOD today? 337 RX That said, I didn't know what my 1 rep max was on the press so I did 65#. Pretty glad I didn't do much more considering that my reps plummeted from round 1 to round 2 on that one.
  28. Charlie Reply
    PS. Keep in mind that I'm a chef so most of what you all call cheats, I call dinner.
  29. Greg Reply
    I second Landy's Bojangles and Tom's suggestion for a Feast Skills seminar or....GOBAD (Gallon of Beer a Day)!
  30. Ashley D Reply
    I vote to plan a night where we all go eat somewhere together. Food is good.
  31. Mark Reply
    My favorite "cheat" meal? That would have to be risotto. Also, on the topic of burgers, which are primarily meat, hence not cheating, Five Guys, Cookout, and Char Grill are all good. I recommend the OnlyBurger truck to you Durhamites. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or their Web site to find out where they are. PS - Great WOD today up here ar CrossFit Albany. I kicked some Front Squats before getting kicked by 10 rounds for time of 10 pull-ups and 10 wall balls.
  32. Naomi Reply
    I can totally get behind GOBAD (which partially explains why I'm chronically 40 pounds overweight, lol). I second Ashley's fabulous suggestion. Chamas, anyone?
  33. Ashley D Reply
    that place sounds really good, but isn't it pretty expensive? i've never been there, but most of the brazilian steakhouses are, so i'm just guessing.
  34. Naomi Reply
    Yeah, it costs a few bucks, but you won't need to eat for about a week afterward. ;)
  35. Sara C Reply
    Wowzer tonight's WOD was fun/challenging - Deadlifts ended with 1 at 195, 4 at 185. Congrats to Lindsay, who kicked deadlift ass tonight. Wod, Rx, 375 reps.
  36. Phillip B Reply
    WOD: low 300s, heavily scaled to keep intensity up throughout the workout. Deadlifts tonight ended at 195. That's a 5 rep PR for me. I love a chicken sammich from Cookout. In the summer months you can get a watermelon shake from there. Sounds nasty, but it's amazing.
  37. Matt H Reply
    295 x 5 for deadlifts...backed off the weight because my back has been weird lately. 338? for wod (75# for press) shoulders were smoked before today for some reason
  38. Patrick Reply
    Great job tonight everyone especially Sara c. who crushed it with that huge number. WOD done at 105 push press and 55# kb 365 reps. Deadlift 320# 5 reps. Again great job tonight everyone moving through the WOD with great intensity. Keep the posts going it is great to have all the conversation and support for each other.
  39. Lei Reply
    Approx $10 worth of Tbell (fresco cause it's healthy duh) followed by Ben & Jerry's (PB cup & half baked). PS My friends and I used to do the Denny's Lumberjack Slam for time. This was years BEFORE crossfit...true story. We hit this WOD regularly on 'recovery' days. I still recall a PR of 4:33
  40. Dave Reply
    Awesome turnout across the board today! Everyone must really like deadlifts :) Looking forward to some serious cleans tomorrow!
  41. Ashley D Reply
    so, seriously? is no one else other than naomi up for a crossfit dinner? i'm all for keeping it low-key and inexpensive.
  42. Melinda Reply
    Holy hannah there are alot of comments. I'm pretty happy with my WOD today. I had no concept of my 1 max PP, so I went with 33. That was too light, but tough none the less. 320 overall (rx) - tee hee hee yay me. Ashley - it has been my experience that restaurants don't know what to do with a gaggle of crossfitters. Especially after a WOD. And even more so if they serve beer. P.S. Dave for the record, I hate deadlifts. P.S.S. Clearly I must find this cook out and order a shake pronto.
  43. Gwen Reply
    Ashley, I'm so there! A big thanks to Sara C. for making me deadlift more than I thought I could tonight. ;) I agree--fun WOD.
  44. Ashley D Reply
    the gym i just left had crossfitters who went out to eat together all the time. there was always a big group of us after a wod. i just thought it would be fun.
  45. Sara C Reply
    I think dinner could definitely work. I spent the last 4 years eating with groups of 40 hungry girls after workouts, and restaurants always figured it out (though sometimes its nice to call ahead). I would say Thu/weekend nights are best, pick a restaurant (low key and inexpensive) post it up here a few days beforehand, and sounds like fun :-). Dain's is always great, though smaller.

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