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Try It Yourself

GREAT WORK to everyone who competed in the Carolina Fitness Challenge this weekend! 


WOD for Monday 121310 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Overhead Squat

5 sets of 3 reps
For Time:
Row 1250m
Then, in 3 minutes, as many reps as possible:
Men:  Muscle Ups
Women:  Chest to bar pullups

Post Overhead Squat Loads, Row Time and Reps to Comments
For the strength segment, you will do 5 sets of 3 reps as heavy as possible.  Use good sense and judgement for all lifts.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.  Be sure to squat below parallel….hip crease below top of patella.

For the Metcon, scale Muscle Ups to strict Muscle Up Transitions or Chest to Bar Pullups.

ENDURANCE WOD tonight at 6pm!
Run or Row
3 Rounds
3min all out effort
3min Rest

Upcoming Events
CrossFit Rowing Foundations Certification – Saturday, January 15
Intra-Gym Challenge – January 2011
Durham Indoor Rowing Trials — Sat, February 26th

Coach Andy Hendel — not just a Head Judge at the Carolina Fitness Challenge!

  1. Will H Reply
    The metcon looks somewhat familiar.
  2. Mike K Reply
    Any idea what the range was for rowing times (worst-best) and MUs? Just trying to get an idea of what to shoot for.
  3. jonathan d Reply
    as fast as you can. as many as you can.
    • Dave Reply
      good call, Jonathan! Mike, I think the best row was 3:56 and the most MU's was 17
  4. Mats Reply
    I wasn't planning on doing any more WODs until I get back from break in January, but I really wanted to do this one so I joined the 6:15 class today. I worked up to 3 x 140 lb OH squats, 15 lb more than my previous 1RM! The OH squats felt great today. This WOD confirmed that I need to vastly improve my rowing. 4:40 on the row, 10 muscle ups post-row. I was pretty disappointed with only 10 MUs, but that row made them much more difficult than I thought it would. All in all a great workout.
  5. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    Mats, you are a strong dude. You are going to be (are already) a force.
  6. Ashley T Reply
    i thought this looked hard when i watched saturday..and i was right! i suck at rowing...and didn't watch 3 min i did 20 chest to bar pull ups (with some band help) but took more than 3 minutes, so i'm not sure that counts. but i did get 78# on the ohs- 18 lbs. more than last time i tried! but i reallllly suck at rowing. any suggestions on how to practice?
  7. Carlos Reply
    That was tough transitioning from rowing to pull ups, I was drained. I experimented trying to row using CrossFit Wilmington's technique. That is to have a really strong pull and then a very slow return to allow the wheel to spin those extra meters using the momentum and then do it all over again. Although I had some initial success with it, it was near impossible for me to get in a rhythm, so I abandoned it after 500m. I still think the way we are taught gives you a much better work out. 4:24 for the rowing and 22 pull ups (band assisted).
  8. Carlos Reply
    Side Note: The Krispy Kreme Challenge is on Feb. 5th. Will and I have set up a team called "Those F%#&ing Guys" to run in the challenge and future events. Anyone from Crossfit Durham is welcome to run in our team. Just type in Those F%#&ing Guys exactly as it is typed (with the %#&) when you register. We will be designing a team shirt after we know how many team mates we have. sign up while you still can.
  9. jonathan d Reply
    i'm done with OHS & snatches for a while because of my jacked up thumb. as expected, the MUs were harder than they looked after the row. 4:34 row, 9 MUs.
  10. Mike K Reply
    Jonathan killed this WOD muscle-ups alone = all day muscle-ups paired with anything else = not happening need to work on them... 4:21 row (which I'm happy with), 1 lonely muscle-up prior to that: deload week for strength squat 191 6x3 Push Press 115 3x5 C&J singles
  11. Ashley D Reply
    Split Jerk 2x2 @ 125, 2x2 @ 145, 1x175 (fail), 1x165, 1x170 (New PR), 1x175 (fail). I was really close to that 2nd attempt at 175. Should get it next time. :) OTM for 10 Min 1 clean, 3 jerks @ 110# 10 T2B x 5 Thennnnnnnn 36 lovely HSPUs to make up for Sat, Sun, and today. My last 20 were all negatives. My right shoulder is shot. It kept feeling like I couldn't hold the stability and it was going to roll in and out of place.
  12. Ashley D Reply
    Jonathan also made up the 36 HSPUs today as well. He was pretty good and kept it to 3's the whole time... I think.
  13. jonathan d Reply
    how could i forget to add my 36 HSPUs? head to floor against the gym wall. probably split between sets of 2 & 3. later in the month if i miss more than 1 day, i'll probably be done.
  14. Kerry O Reply
    Thanks Ashley for your help today on form. I really appreciate your encouragement!
  15. shayne Reply
    @Carlos actually that technique is the most efficient way to row. watch this great video for a better explanation than i can give for example, the guy who got a 3:56 row on saturday was doing 26 strokes per minute, but had an amazing 1:35 500m split for most of the row (toward the end, his stroke rate increased but so did his power output - 29-30spm and a 1:22 500m split! um, *wow*). as they explain & show in the video, intensity is not directly related to stroke speed. @Ashley T the only way to get better at rowing is to row! (i know, super annoying answer, but probably true :)
  16. Jonathan Johnson Reply
    @Mats. 10 MUs would've scored pretty well. Strong like bull. I'm taking today off to recover from Jason and 32 HSPUs yesterday. About 35 minutes on Jason. I had nothin. Just couldn't push though the suck. Oh well. Mama said there'd be WODs like this. Gotta remember to do my HSPUs tonight though. Its getting expensive to miss a day. TTFN
  17. Mats Reply
    13 HSPUs against the wall, head to floor. I struggled mightily with these ones.
  18. cke Reply
    Carlos & Will. GreaT! I'm in 4 'Those F%#&ing Guys'team.

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