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Turkey Leftovers

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WOD for Friday 120211Click Here For Today’s Schedule

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
Turkish Get Ups (as heavy as possible)
Do as many reps as possible without sacrificing form or safety

Post Jerk Loads and Workout Reps Completed to Comments
For the strength workout, perform single rep Push or Split Jerks taking the bar from the rack.

For the conditioning workout, pick a challenging load and stick with it for the entire 10 minutes.  Alternate arms from rep to rep and try to keep a steady pace the entire ten minutes.  If the load gets too heavy, drop it down.  Do not be overzealous with this one!

OPEN GYM tonight from 7-7:45pm!  Make up a missed workout or work on your lifts!

Jeff Martone on Turkish Get Ups – Part 1

Jeff Martone on Turkish Get Ups – Part 2

Jeff Martone on Turkish Get Ups – Part 3

  1. T-roie Reply
    Very sore from yesterday from my ear lobes down my neck into the tops of my shoulders! Still decided to come at 615am and do something...I mean c'mon the challenge is next week. Did 3 sets of 5 of 190 flat bench...felt good. Then I did a 10 min amrap of 30 DUs, 20 abmat situps, and 10 pistols...got 5 rounds, 30 DUs, and 5 situps...very proud of that. Felt very refreshed afterwards. Coach Stew provided great guidance to the turkish get-uppers. I heard some new pointers to keep yourself in line when you're coming up with the weight. Not sure if there were any PRs with the Jerk, but they were working hard. I never thought I'd be working out at 6 in the morning. Now I'm doing that and in the best shape of my life! THANK YOU STEW, DAVE, AND ALL OF CROSSFIT DURHAM!
  2. Paul K Reply
    Worked up to 185# doing a split jerk today. Didn't ring it in, but that was a PR! Wanted to go one more round, but decided to "end with a hit." Did 22 reps @40# on the METCON (even distribution of reps between arms), by the end my left arm was waving all over the place. Was afraid I was going to drop that kettle bell on my noggin. Right side still felt pretty stable. Kind of funky to be doing a single exercise for a METCON for 10 minutes. I liked it.
  3. Doug Reply
    Got 240#'s up on Jerk today (got to ring the cowbell). Liking the new Jerk boxes. They are a little strange at first as you are walled in on two sides, but once I got used to them, it was really nice to be able to drop the weight without having to re-rack. Thanks for having those built Dave. Did slow and steady TGU with 52#'s. Wasn't doing this so much as a Metcon, got to 14 total and stopped as I was having stability issues (tired shoulders)
  4. Spencer D Reply
    Sam and I worked out in the gym here today, reminded us why we keep coming to CFD. Worked presses up to 125# x 3 which felt great. We did Row 250 then 5 rounds: 5 DLs (#225) 15 Pushups then 25 burpees 9:18. Originally planned to row on the tail end but the two ergs were occupied so we had to improvise.

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