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Twisted Christine

Only 4 DAYS til Fight Gone Bad IV!  
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Our goal is for every participant to raise AT LEAST $150!  WOUNDED WARRIORS NEED OUR HELP!

We will not hold any regularly scheduled WODs on Saturday.  Everyone is encouraged to come out and support Wounded Warriors and Athletes For A Cure. 

WOD for Wednesday 090923Today’s Schedule — Click Here
3 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
21 Bodyweight Deadlifts
12 Box Jumps 

Post Loads and Time To Comments 
This WOD should be completed RX’d in 12-15 minutes.  Loads and distance should be scaled to allow you to finish within this time frame and maximize power output and intensity.

– Have you had any injuries since you’ve begun CrossFitting? 

– Are you a newer (3 months or less) athlete and worried you’ve bitten off more than you thought you could? 

– Veterans, what injury pitfalls have you experienced since starting CrossFit and, looking back, what could you have done differently to avoid them? 

Post answers to comments.  

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  1. Bill Reply
    As for the week's survey question, for me it has come down to internalizing the difference between pushing for the extra reps before resting while doing something like lunges and pushing for the extra lbs while doing something like clean and jerks. One of them makes you better and mentally tougher, one of them risks injury. That's not to say that one should not go for the extra lbs, but whereas you might push your body to do the extra lunge, I would not recommend pushing your body to save a failed jerk. Just let it go. :)

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