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Upside Down And Heavy


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WOD for Monday 040510 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Handstand Pushups 
4 Sets of Max Reps
For Time:
30 DB Push Press/Jerk (as heavy as possible)
40 Dynamic Pushups
50 Pullups

Post Number of Reps and Time to Comments
This week’s strength segments will focus on max rep bodyweight movements.   Scale accordingly with appropriate HSPU progressions for max effort.  Rest appropriately between sets to be able to perform max effort attempts.   

In the metcon, use a heavy load for the DB overhead movement.  You can go from shoulder to overhead in any manner or combination you choose (press, push press, or jerk).    For dynamic pushups, your hands must leave the ground after your elbows reach full extension. 

ENDURANCE WOD tonight at 6pm!

Run: 3 X 400 meter sprints.  5 minute recoveries
Row: 3 X 500 meter sprints: 5 minute recoveries

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CrossFit Total Results!  (biggest lifts in italics)
Lightweight (under 185lbs)
Bill LeFew — Total – 910# 350/155/405
John Hill — Total – 905# 320/155/430
Sabah Oney — Total – 860# 300/145/415
Matt Holtry — Total – 850# 320/140/390
Ben Hu — Total – 810# 300/135/375
Jeff Lieberman — Total – 762.5# 250/162.5/350
Nemo Nemeth — Total – 745# 255/135/355
Rich Yaxley — Total – 710# 255/125/330
Phil Bost — Total – 640# 245/120/275
Middleweight (186-225lbs)
Dave Velez — Total – 1000# 385/175/440
Peter Haas — Total – 965# 380/180/405
Jarrod Gatewood — Total – 875# 325/155/395
Dave Vanie — No Total 375/175/-
Corey Booker — No Total 375/145/-
Heavyweight (225lbs+)
Stewart Peter — Total – 1170# 425/220/525
Short (5’4″ and under)
Kelli McLaughlin — Total – 525# 205/75/245
Beatrice Yaxley — Total – 395# 135/75/185
Tall (over 5’4″)
Liz Selbst — Total – 575#  200/105/270
Sara Couch —  Total – 537.5#  215/77.5/245
Melinda Bomar —  Total – 487.5#  5/72.5/235
Holly Baker —  Total – 482.5#  185/77.5/220
Rachel Franke —  Total – 452.5#  150/82.5/220
Erin McKee —  Total – 437.5#  160/77.5/200
Lindsay Hill — Total – 345#  -/90/255

  1. Melinda Reply
    Um, would just like to point out that I did indeed backsquat more than 5 lbs. I think it was 175. But holy crap, I came in third!!??? And it wasn't even third out of 3? I am badass. P.S. It was very terrible to watch my friend Lindsay almost die during this. We need to have a "how to spot" and "how to bail" clinic. Mad props to Lindsay for pushing through and giving it her all for the press and deadlift. Also, watching Kelli and her super radioactive powers shine through in such a small package was nothing short of inspiring. P.S.S. I said mad props? Who am I?
  2. Phil B Reply
    Melinda: Mad props on your awesome score!
  3. Phillip B Reply
    Seriously good idea on the spot/bail clinic. Mark Rippetoe's advice on how to spot is basically "don't touch the damn bar", but that's not all that helpful when something goes bad. I know I've had some sloppy bails and it's a miracle that myself or others weren't injured. The biggest danger for me is the split jerk. My hesitation of whether to drop the bar behind me or in front of me is probably at the root of it.
  4. Matt H Reply
    Good to be back training....I'm not used to having my arms feel normal, Ive gotten used to the constant state of soreness. Legs are still a little wacky but not too bad. Good workout today: HSPU:5/3/2/4 actually rocked these out on the wall for the first time since high school....I guess the paralettes are next. 5.49 rx'd for wod (35# for pp) good job to everyone during the total!
  5. Ashley D Reply
    phil, whenever possible always bail forwards. too many things could go wrong when bailing backwards. i wonder if you're not locking out your shoulders/traps/lats on the jerk to be thinking about bailing backwards. i haven't seen you do a c&j, so i'm not sure what is going on, but it makes me think that if you're considering bailing backwards you might be shoving that weight up, around, and behind your head instead of pushing it straight up and then dropping underneath w/your head and chest going through. things that make you go hmmm. next time i'm in the gym the gym at the same time as you, grab me and let's work on it. :)
  6. Ashley D Reply
    i guess you can't really "lock out" your shoulders/traps/lats, but i think you know what i mean. and great job to the 8:30 and 11:30 classes. i wasn't there for 6:15, but i'm sure you guys rocked it too. ;) i'm excited about a week of body weight wods and skills. i think we need more work in that area as a whole, so good call on the programming. :)
  7. lindsay hill Reply
    did it look like i almost died? it didn't feel as bad as i remember it, and i normally like to brag about things like that... saturday was rough for me, apologies for the poor attitude i will keep it in check next time!
  8. Melinda Reply
    HA - no, it certainly didn't look that way Lindsay, but in my mind I already had you in an ambulance because I suck at spotting. So today this is what came out of my mouth in this order - please excuse my language - "fuck the blue band" - "fucking blue band" - "listen up bitches I am a badass". Seriously - who am I?
  9. Ashley D Reply
    my wods today: 1. bench press 3 x 12 @ 50% 1RM - i used 60# 2. high bar box squats 3 x 12 @ 50% 1RM - i used 112# 3. run 400 21 burpees 21 power cleans @ 95# run 400 15 " " 15 " " run 400 9 " " 9 " " 13:15 that was a tough one to go at alone.

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