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WOD for 031510

Saturday, April 3rd, 9am-Noon

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WOD for Monday 031510 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Front Squat
3 reps @65% 1RM
3 reps @70% 1RM
3 reps @80% 1RM
3 reps @85% 1RM
3 reps @ 95% 1RM
15 Minutes AMRAP:

5 Front Squats (135/95)
9 Box Jumps

Post Loads and Number of Rounds Completed to Comments
All %’s for the strength segment of the workout should be based on your 1RM for the lift and are meant to serve as a guide in your training.  You should generally not be failing on any set except maybe your last one of the day.  If you’re unsure about your technique or ability to perform a given set safely at the posted %, then use common sense and good judgement.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.

For the Metcon, use a Front Squat load equal to 40% 1RM to maximize power output and intensity.      

Durham Indoor Rowing Trials — Saturday, March 20th
CrossFit Total — Saturday, April 3rd
Womens Self Defense Seminar — Saturday, April 24th
Whole9 Nutrition Workshop — Thursday, May 6th

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Starting March 30th (Tues/Thurs @7pm)
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  1. Dave Reply
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  2. Dave Reply
    Great work to everyone today! sorry bout the website glitches, but everything is back to normal!
  3. Matt H Reply
    This workout was nasty. Great one to do especially when one feels like poop.... 250 x 3 280 x 1 (had nothing after 1) WOD 12 2/3 rounds rx'd looking forward to burpee pullups and double unders tomorrow....those are my favorite....yep

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