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You Better Run Fast

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WOD for Tuesday 090908Today’s Schedule — Click Here
Clean and Jerk
As a two man team, complete the following:
50 DB Manmakers (35/22)
Run 200m

One team member completes as many DB Manmakers as possible while the other team member runs 200m.  Rotate until 50 Manmakers are completed.

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This WOD should be finished RX’d in 12-15 minutes.  Loads should be scaled to allow you to finish within this timeframe and maximize power output. 

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  1. Dave Reply
    Hey Gang Duke Naval ROTC is hosting a Silent, 9/11 Memorial 2 mile run on Friday morning at 6:15am. They are meeting at the Duke Chapel at that time for anyone who may be interested in participating. It is silent, run at a slow pace, open to the public, and free.
  2. Sarah D Reply
    I had a fun time with the 6:15 crew. Let me say that running gets slow after heavy lifts. Ouch! Lily, I had a ton of fun doing the WOD with you this morning! Sorry for those extra 5 or 6 man makers you had to do. Next time we WOD together, the extras can be on me ;)
  3. Mark Reply
    This looked like an interesting WOD, but I decided to try the CF Football WOD today over at the Y. 21-15-9 Power Snatch 135# Bench Press 185# Box Jump 24" Made it a bit over one round before dropping to 95# and 135#, but I've been wanting to get some bench presses in every now and then since I heard about "Linda". I'd like to give that a try at some point...

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