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You Swing Like A Rusty Gate

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If we do a workout at 10am on Christmas Sunday will you attend?  Please post to comments

WOD for Monday 121911Click Here For Today’s Schedule

Every other minute for 10 minutes (a total of 5 rounds):
30 Russian KB Swings (70/52)
Perform 30 swings in 1 minute, then rest 1 minute.

For every set you don’t complete 30 reps in 1 minute count a penalty of 1 800m run. 

Post Press Loads and any Penalties Counted to Comments
For the strength segment, perform 5 sets of 2 rep Presses.  Do not use your legs to move the load.  Work up to the heaviest set of two you can.  

For the conditioning workout, focus on digging your heels into the ground and keeping your lats tight.  Note: These are prescribed as Russian Swings.  Run your penalty distances at the end of the workout, not for time – unless you choose.

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm with Coach Paul!
28-min row focusing on s/m.
Row 1 min @ low (18 to 23) s/m. Increase by 1 s/m each minute for 10 minutes.

Return to low s/m & repeat 3 more times.

Common KB Flaws and Fixes

Toys and Treats for Tails

Toy & food drive benefiting the animals at the Durham County Animal Shelter

You can drop your donations in the bin at the gym

• Small bite dry food  (Pedigree is our favorite!)
• Ground canned food
• Chews & soft treats
• Hard rubber toys & balls
• Kong/Rhino cones & stuff-a-balls
• Rope toys

• Dry adult and kitten food (Purina One is our favorite!)
• Canned food (Poultry Platter is our favorite!)
• Washable, small plush toys
• Small, plastic balls and jingle toys

  1. It's beginning to Luke a lot like Christmas Reply
    Running 800m is a reward, not a penalty. I will be here Christmas morning and would enjoy WODding and/or Coaching.
  2. Cliffnov Reply
    Is the 800m reward for not completing thirty reps in two minutes, or for not completing thirty reps without putting the KB down?
    • Dave Reply
      There are only 5 rounds of swings...every other minute. So you have 1 minute to get 30 swings, then a 1 minute rest. You can put the KB down but have to get 30 reps completed in the minute of work.
  3. Paul Franklin Joseph Potorti, Esquire Reply
    Oops. Supposed to read: Increase by 1 s/m each minute for 7 (NOT 10) minutes. 7x4 = 28 10x4 = 40
  4. Paul K Reply
    That was a fun WOD! Worked up to 135# for 2 reps. Old 1RM was 135# so that's progress. Did the METCON with 52# KB - avoided running.
  5. Brandon Reply
    Did my five press sets at 185, then failed on the second rep trying 195. Did the WOD with 70#KB and avoided running. Grip was shot by the end!
  6. Cliffnov Reply
    Did the WOD today. Doing lots of low-rep work will decondition a guy. My goal was to do the first three rounds unbroken. I thought there would be a fair amount of leeway in the rounds, but I was wrong. First round took me 48 seconds. I did manage to complete the first three rounds unbroken with a 32kg kettlebell (70.4 lbs). Fourth round I did 15 reps, and put the kettlebell down. Picked it up and did three more, and decided that wouldn't be good for my back to finish off the round, so I stopped there, and took the penalty. At Doug's suggestion, I got a 52 lb kettlebell for the last round, so I could focus on keeping my form good. I grabbed a sip of water, and as the last round started, I picked up the kettlebell, and started swinging, but it was still the 70 pounder! Did 20 reps, set it down, switched kettlebells, and finished out the last 10 at 52 lbs. Subbed 1000m row for the running penalty. Did that in a less-than-impressive 4:08.1. Good workout!
    • Dave Reply
      My hands hurt. That 70# is a beast. Kudos to those of you who have scaled up with that thing in WODs. I didn't earn any running rewards...dang.
  7. Josh G Reply
    Thanks to the 11:30 class for running with me!

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