CrossFit workout for 1/4/20


CrossFit workout for 1/4/20

Teams of 2…

Thruster/Rope Climb

Against 12 Mins…for time!

10 Thrusters (155/105)

20 Thrusters (135/95)

30 Thrusters (115/80)

*Workout ends on Rope Climbs (15 Total Rope Climbs)

*Before you can change weights your team must complete 5 Rope climbs… these rope climbs can be completed at any time by either partner

Comp: 175/120, 155/105, 135/95, 5 Rope Climbs/rnd

Fitness: As Written, 5 Rope Climbs/rnd

GPP: 115/75, 95/65, 75/55, 3 Rope climbs/rnd or 15 Kipping Pullups/Rnd

Health: DB Weights, 40/30, 30/20, 20/10, 15 Ring Rows/Round

-Rest 3:00-

Wall Walk/Sandbag Carry/Box Step Up

10 Mins to get as far up the ladder as possible…

4 Wall Walks

Sandbag Carry x down and back (rig to whiteboard)(Bear Hug Style)

10 Alt.Box Step Ups (body weight)

4 Wall Walks

Sandbag Carry x down and back

20 Alt. Box Step Ups

*Adding 10 Box step ups every round

Comp: HS Walk x rig to whiteboard, 150/100lb SB, 24/20in Box

Fitness: 4 Wall Walks, 100/80, 24/20

GPP: 2 Wall Walks, 80/50, 20/16

Health: DBL KB OH Carry x Down and Back x 3 Times, 50/30(use a WB medball) 20/16

-Rest 3:00-

4 Mins to GET SWOLE

AMRAP with an empty barbell

10 (each) Barbell Bicep Curls

10 (each) Barbell Upright Rows

10 (each) Barbell Bent Over Rows

*Pass the bar back and forth as desired… every time the bar touches the ground your team owes 10 Burpees