CrossFit Workout for 100919


CrossFit Workout for 100919

Strength: Back Squat + Front Squat

Every 2:30 x 4 Sets

3 Front Squats + 5 Backsquats @ 70-75% of Front Squat Max

*This is not supposed to be heavy or overly challenging!

Just getting some good squatting reps in for the week

Barbell Conditioning:

“Macho Man-ish”

EMOTM x 9 Minutes

3 Power Cleans

3 Front Squats

3 S2OH

*Anybody wanting a change from the barbell can do this workout with DB’s @ 6 reps of all movements

Comp: @ 70% of Clean and Jerk

Fitness: @ 60% of Clean and Jerk

GPP: Hang P. Cleans… 60% of Clean and Jerk

Health: 6 reps of everything with DB’s