CrossFit Workout for 101019


CrossFit Workout for 101019

Skill: HSPU

Review Standards from Previous Open 

Skill: Strict HSPU

EMOTM x 8 Minutes

Evens) “Big Set” of Strict HSPU (1-2 short of failure)

Odds) :40 of Double Under Practice or :40 Wall sit (if you were in class Tuesday)

*Can Scale Strict HSPU to 1 abmat on top of a 15lb plate

*No Stricties? 8-10 Seated DB Press with a 31X2 Tempo

Functional Bodybuilding

Every 4 mins x 5 Rounds:

8-10 ea/ SA DB Push Press AHAP

8-12 ea/ SA DB Bent Over Row Same Weight as Push Press

20-25 Situps (wtd if desired)

6-8 Sumo DL @ 50-60% of DL