CrossFit workout for 12/9/19


CrossFit workout for 12/9/19

Backsquat Prep

-Hip and ankle mobility

-Focus on bracing the core 

-Aim to do your back squat sets around 50-60% of your 1RM if its there today

Strength: Back squat

2×16-18 reps (leave 3 reps in the tank)

rest 3:00 b/w sets

*Increase or stay the same, but both sets should be challenging

5 Rounds For Time: 15 Min Cap


10 Alt. Front Rack Lunges

35 Double Unders

Comp: 135/95, 50 Double Unders

Fitness: 95/65, 35 Double Unders

GPP: 75/55, 10 lateral hops over the barbell

Health: KB SDLHP and Goblet Lunges, 35 Singles