Gail Crabtree


Gail Crabtree

gail 2Hometown: Durham
Age: 62
Occupation: General Contractor G.Crabtree Home Building

When did you first start CrossFitting?: 2010

What is your favorite movement? Favorite workout?
My favorite movements are the clean, the deadlift, sit-ups. and push-ups. I have a love hate relationship with Nancy.

What is your least favorite movement? Least favorite workout?
My least favorite movement is the Snatch and my least favorite workout is Karen.

Tell us about your sports & fitness background:
I have always been athletic. I was on NC State tennis and basketball teams. I was an avid walker and biker. In the 1970s, they did not let women touch a barbell.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Do you remember your first WOD? How did it go?gail 1
About five years ago, my older brother tried to get me to try CrossFit. I was reluctant but I noticed how much he and his wife’s bodies changed for the better and they were in great shape to begin with.

I was like a kid in a candy store when I walked in CrossFit and saw weights being thrown around especially by women. I had a no idea how strong and fit I could become at my age.

My first WOD : Lunges with overhead PVC pipe, wall balls and box jumps/steps. this going to be a tough sport was my thought but I loved it.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CrossFit? (before /after)
I always have been in shape. But CrossFit made me so much stronger and fitter. CrossFit  has made ready to take on anything.

What impact has CrossFit had on your life?
CrossFit has enriched my life. The people I’ve met and friendships I’ve developed are some of the best in my life. This was a surprise benefit. It made me aware how tenacious and disciplined I am. It has not been easy being a CrossFit athlete at 62, but it has been worth it. I think CrossFit prepares me for life’s challenges and gives me the willingness to be more open.

gail 3What is your favorite CrossFit/CFD moment?
My favorite moment was when I qualified for the Master Regionals in the CrossFit Open. In the past few years, I’ve ranked 113th, 82nd, and 158th in the world in my age bracket.

What is your advice for people just getting started or thinking about starting CrossFit?
I catch myself sometimes thinking “hey, I am going to give that young dude or chick a high five because she/he is just freakin awesome.” I LOVE CrossFit Durham. Just come on in and give it try. Everyone was a first timer once.

The camaraderie in CrossFit is nothing like I have seen in my years in the sports world. Once the WOD is said and done a lot of people’s social barriers go down and BOOM some level of bonding happens with everyone. That is what life is about. 

What are your hobbies, interests, and/or talents outside of CrossFit?
Spending time with friends and family, walking, reading, cooking, eating, going to the lake and beach. In my day job I build new houses and renovate homes.