Run and Gun


Run and Gun

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WOD for Wednesday 080311Click Here For Today’s Schedule
2 Clean Pulls + 1 Full Clean
7 sets
For Time:
Run 400m
100 KB Swings (52/35) – American or Russian
Run 400m

Post Pullup Loads and Metcon Pullup Reps to Comments
For the strength segment, perform 7 sets (or so) of a complex of 2 Clean Pulls + 1 Full Clean. You can/should reset for each rep of each complex, but do not not rest until you’ve completed all three reps.

In the conditioning workout, perform either type of swing (your choice), scale the load (up or down) as necessary, Sprint each 400m as hard as you can.

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Clean Pull Technique (you don’t need to go quite this slow)